13+ Things to do on a plane

I have done a lot of long-haul flights after many years of fantastic travel, and here’s a little secret: I adore doing it.

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects about traveling is this. I enjoy traveling, especially in the economy, and eating and drinking on airplanes. Though the business class is more expensive, I’m sure I’d like it much more.

As I enjoy traveling, I have tons of wonderful travel advice for things to do on the plane. These tips have been tried and true; perhaps, they’ll keep you occupied and amused on your upcoming flight.

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Hi, I am Ameen, Founder, and Owner of Myfitour and I love traveling. Whenever I got free time, I mean on weekends, I am ready for traveling.

9 Things to do on the plane

Things to do on plane

(1) Take your laptop and get some work done

A long-distance journey is an ideal excuse to work if you own an online business. If you have work you’ve been putting off, use your spare time to do it.

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If you are a student, this is the ideal time to finish reading and essays. Most airlines have charging stations, ensuring your laptop never runs out of power.

I always have a pile of old vacation images that need to be edited, so this is the ideal opportunity for me to do so and increase my excitement for the upcoming trip.

(2) Stroll along the Cabin

In addition to being a terrific way to keep oneself occupied on a long journey, strolling about the cabin is beneficial for your in-flight health.

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Maintaining blood circulation by moving your feet while traveling long distances is crucial since you’d be shocked at how simple it is to develop blood clots. Wander about the cabin to catch some fresh air.

(3) Learn a new Language

Nowadays, many applications and traditional language books are available for learning new languages. I always believe learning a few common words in the dialect your intended destination uses is crucial. When aboard the flight, it is the ideal opportunity to do so!

(4) Get some sleep

Why not catch up on your sleep if there’s nothing else you would like to do? Although some individuals find it easier to sleep on flights than others, a nice neck pillow and an eye mask may actually assist. Or why not construct yourself a tiny bed if you see a row of seats available nearby?

(5) Talk to the Air Hostess

Even while they don’t have endless amounts of time to stand and speak with everyone, there will be times during the trip when they are free, so you can quickly catch up with an air hostess. This especially holds true if your flight is relatively empty!

(6) Listen to an audiobook or podcast

What better way to entertain yourself than listen to something new? Podcasts are excellent for learning and engaging with issues that interest you. At the same time, audiobooks are ideal for individuals who don’t love reading or find that it exhausts them. Audible is a fantastic resource for finding ideas.

(7) Facemasks Can Help You Unwind And Rejuvenate

Long-haul flights severely dry your skin, so I occasionally use this as a justification to give my skin some TLC. If you’re traveling in business class, they’ll provide you with various face creams and cosmetics. Still, if you’re traveling in economy, you can just carry your own face mask. Put it on halfway during your flight, possibly before you want to sleep, and unwind. I’ve just recently begun doing this during flights. Still, I already feel that it has a significant impact on both my flight and my landing.

(8) Color some pictures

Adults may also enjoy coloring books on lengthy trips, so it’s not only for kids. Coloring is incredibly soothing and therapeutic, making it the ideal hobby for a protracted journey. You can do it even when viewing a movie that doesn’t require your whole concentration.

(9) Browse the web

Flying now makes it easier and easier to access the internet. Most long-distance carriers provide a WiFi connection and often offer you a little free trial. However, paying for WiFi might be inexpensive and worthwhile if the flight is lengthy. Additionally, texting someone in the air over several nations is quite cool!

10 Fun things to do on the plane

(1) Watch some long films

Since life is frequently busy, a lengthy journey is an ideal opportunity to watch those blockbuster movies you usually can’t find the time for back home. I adore ordering a beverage, a snack, and just relaxing while watching a movie. It’s like having my own personal up-in-the-air cinema experience. Additionally, you may watch the same movie together if you’re traveling with a buddy or a significant other.

(2) Card games

This is an amazing option if you want something to do while traveling to pass the time. You can play many games, whether traveling alone, with a companion, or even with a little child.

(3) Bring fun little travel games.

Nowadays, various games are available in small sizes, ideal for flights. However, playing these games is perfect if you have a travel buddy. I’ve bought several of them over the years (though I’ll admit I’ve misplaced several too).

(4) Read a Book

This is just another of my favorite activities during a lengthy journey! I’m always making a list of books I want to read, but I never seem to have the time. A long-distance flight is an ideal excuse. You can download books on the Kindle app, though you do not wish to carry around physical copies. The number of books you can bring on a trip is unrestricted then.

(5) Take a Music Break

When my flight is getting close to its final hour, I’m not in the mood to accomplish anything, so I decide that now is the ideal time to listen to music. It actually jolts me out of sleep and makes me eager to reach my goal. There is frequently a wide selection of music available aboard airplanes, including timeless masterpieces, music from motion pictures, and even radio stations with various songs. Or, of course, you can just play the music you already have on your phone.

(6) Take Quizzes With Your Flying Companion

Why not play some quizzes with your flying companion to pass the time? You’ll never run out of quiz questions online, or you might get inventive and come up with your own. It is still feasible to take quizzes on your own. There will be quizzes to take on most in-flight entertainment systems under the games category. On lengthy trips, I adore listening to them.

(7) Wordsearches And Crosswords

These are two extremely common activities for lengthy flights, but they work. These are ideal for passing the time and stimulating your thoughts. Nothing beats a good word search or puzzle on a flight, and they’re also excellent beach reading material.

(8) Play iPad or tablet games

Due to the abundance of games available, tablets and iPads are excellent flying companions. Most games you can download are free, or if one is your favorite, you can buy it and use the time you have to play it. “Candy Crush” is one of my favorite games on lengthy flights. When I’m playing that game, time flies by!

(9) Binge View a TV program

One of the most excellent things to do on a long trip. Have you been pestered by someone to watch a specific series but don’t have the time? Well, you do now! The entertainment options on board are frequently rather varied, or you may use Netflix to download the series on your device in advance.

(10) Play the games onboard.

Most aircraft entertainment systems include not just music, TV shows, and films but also a section dedicated to games! Most of them allow for two players, so you can compete with the person sitting next to you. I genuinely adore this.

Things you should never do on a plane

(1) Give up wearing contact lenses

If possible, choose to fly with your spectacles on. As a result of the cabin’s very dry air, your eyes may become irritated. Additionally, wearing contacts that weren’t designed for nighttime might be particularly annoying if you’re a notorious night owl. Take a look at these actions to improve eyesight and maintain eye health.

(2) Keep the air vent above your seat turned on

It could be better to put on a sweater if the air blowing leaves you chilly rather than turning off the vent. Doctors advise setting the adjustable air above your seat to moderate or high in flight to ensure that airborne germs are blasted away before approaching your personal zone. These can stop the skin from drying out.

(3) Do not eat anything that has fallen on the tray table.

If a cookie crumb lands on the tray table rather than your plate, don’t worry about cleaning it with your own cleaner or placemat unless you’ve packed one.

(4) Use the blankets sparingly

Another component of an airplane that isn’t thoroughly cleaned in between flights? Yes, the pillows and blankets provided in the back of the seat are reused from flight to flight and typically aren’t cleaned thoroughly until the day is finished. Pillows and blankets are perfect homes for diseases and lice, which may transmit from one person to another.

(5) Remember to drink plenty of water

Because the air created in the cabin is meant to replicate the greatest altitude humans can breathe at, airplane cabins are renowned for having low humidity.

(6) Limit your alcohol intake

Although a lovely glass of wine might help with the stress of flying, alcohol is quite drying. Your body will suffer dryness due to it and the low humidity of the aircraft. A plane’s thin air also makes alcohol’s effects, hit you more quickly and strongly. Heavy drinking also reduces immune function, so this advice also applies to pre-flight rituals at the airport bar.

(7) Do not be ashamed to inform a flight attendant that you are ill

Never assume that the flight crew may be under a lot of stress and will find your health and safety inconvenient. Before getting licensed, flight attendants have extensive training in handling medical crises, including learning how to deliver a baby safely.

(8) Avoid dozing off before the flight.

If you do, it will be more difficult to equalize the pressure in your ears (you can accomplish this more rapidly if you yawn or chew gum). If you frequently have headaches after flights, wait to fall asleep until your ears start to pop.

(9) Don’t consume an entire soda

You might wish to avoid drinking fizzy beverages in the clouds since a rise in altitude can increase intestinal gas by up to 30%. Water from a bottle can help you stay hydrated.

My Thoughts

Long-distance flights are frequently connected with long layovers and delays or cancellations.

My last advice is: if you experience any disruptions, know your rights and check if you are eligible for compensation! So there we have it, my guide on the best things to do on a flight, including some extra flying tips that you might find helpful.

People Also Ask For

Q. Where is the best place to sit on a plane?

A. Most of the time, exit rows, aisle or window seats, and any location towards the front are regarded as the greatest airplane seats.

Q. What can you not do on a plane?

A. Below are some steps that you should keep in mind:
• Don’t venture around barefoot.
• Don’t make physical contact with a flight attendant.
• Don’t request a flight attendant to lift your bags.
• Avoid being overly loud.

Q. What activities can you do on a plane?

A. You could:
• Find and read a book.
• Check out a podcast.
• Keep a journal.
• Play some games.

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