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An Introduction to MyFiTour

Hello, I am Ameen Uddin-The Face Behind MyFitour. Let me give you an overview of the website and some advertisement options for your business.

advertise with us

This website focuses on the following topics,

  • Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business
  • Automobile
  • Full forms
  • Health
  • Education
  • Social Topics
  • Fashion
  • …….and all other related fields.

If we talk about traffic, we can proudly say that MyFiTour is growing daily, and now we are more serious about our graph.

Advertise With us

There are some available advertising opportunities that we offer at MyFiTour. Depending upon your individual marketing strategy. You can pick one or create a custom bundle suited to your needs.

  • Product Review
  • Paid Post or Sponsered Post
  • Display Ad
  • Contests

Please Note:

You can get your post, product, or website reviewed here. A review of your product will be published in 2-3 days & you will get a maximum of 2 do follow links from our side in a single post.

  •  Please include in the subject line: Sponsored Post
  • Please make the post at least 1200 words long.
  • If you need clarification, please email us before you write something.

At Trickyedu, we provide you with the best ways to achieve your brand/business’s campaign goals by utilizing our knowledge of the audience and selecting the resources that would best fit your needs. You can discuss all your Sponsored postsGuest PostsProduct Reviewsshout outs needs with us directly through emails.

Please email us for rates and more information at [email protected]. Don’t forget to send us a link to your website so we can determine if your brand is a good match for our readers. 

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