Top 10 Amazingly Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

The little known state of Mizoram fondly referred to as the “Songbird of India” is tucked in the northeastern part of India. Strategically located, it shares its borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Mizoram is nothing short of a paradise on earth. Its unperturbed virgin forest, lush granary, breadth taking waterfalls and majestic hills covered in perpetual mist and clouds is sure to leave you spellbound.

Although a part of 7 sister states, its culture and ethnicity set it apart from the rest of India. Mizoram welcomes you all with open arms. From adventure seekers to nature lovers and travelers all are bound to be swept away by its magical charm.

It is best to visit this place during the spring season when Chap char Kut is celebrated throughout the length and breadth of Mizoram.

There are plenty of tourist spots yet to be discovered. Each one outdoing the other in terms of beauty. You can best enjoy the spirit of Mizoram by leaving and breathing its essence.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and pack a bag while we quickly update you about the best places in Mizoram.

Top 10 Amazingly Best Places in Mizoram to Visit

It’s time to check out some of the best places to visit in Mizoram,

1. Aizawl

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram is perched at a height of 1132 mts above sea level. The entire city offers breathtaking views of the Durtlang mountain ranges in the North and the twin rivers of Tlawng and Turial which flow past it on either side.

Although tourism is still at an infant stage here due to its inaccessibility, still there are certain amazing destinations in Aizawl that are worth visiting.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

A short distance from Aizawl lies the Tamdil Lake, a true delight for Ornithologists. Besides Tamdil lake, tourists make it a point to visit Vantadang waterfalls, the highest in the State.

Apart from being the state capital, Aizawl offers a peek into the culture and life of the locals. The Mizoram State Museum, Solomon temple and Rungdil Lake are some other spots that warrant a visit.

Moreover, for those of you who are interested in local artefacts to take back home, you can always head to Burrabazar.

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2. Serchhip

Serchhip translates to “Citrus on top” owing to the vast collection of citrus trees atop the hills. Bounded by 2 rivers on either side, Mat and Tikam, it is Mizoram’s best-kept secret for nature lovers. Also, it offers a glimpse of the rural life of the locals.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

Vantawag falls which lie within this district are the highest waterfall in Mizoram and the most awe-inspiring. The waterfall takes its name from a swimmer of great repute.

Apart from the waterfall, you can also visit Chhingpuii Thlan, a stone memorial. This memorial was erected in memory of the eternal love between Chhingpuii and her husband Kaptuange. Also, you can spend a day visiting Thenzawl deer park which houses the endangered “Sambar deer”.

3. Lunglei

This is the second largest town in the whole of Mizoram. The town takes its name from The Bridged rock discovered in a river line in Nghasih. The place has flora and fauna as well as several hideaways.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

About 50 Kms from Lunglei is the quaint little village of Mulching. What is interesting to note is that this nondescript village bears an engraved image of Lord Buddha in the entire state.

4. Mamit

It is a top draw for world life enthusiasts. The Dampa Tiger Reserve is the major attraction of this place. However, you cannot fully ignore the scenic beauty and magnificence of this place.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

The Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary lures hundreds of tourists every year from India and beyond. Apart from the sanctuary, Adventure seekers will love exploring the longest cave networks in Puking.

Puking is noted for being the largest producer of oranges in the whole of Mizoram. If you visit this place in spring you can even stop by to enjoy the local festivals like Chapchar Kut and Mim Kut celebrated here.

5. Kolasib

Adjoining the Assam border lies Kolasib. The major attraction of Kolasib is its ethereal beauty owing to the Tlawng River and the dense forest backing it.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

Slightly off the beaten track, Kolasib allows you to unwind after a busy day. Angling is the most popular sport here. Besides you can request the local fishermen for a boat ride on the Tlawng River.

Kolasib has the highest percentage of the tribal population. This offers visitors a first-hand experience of the traditions and culture.

6. Champhai

It is a bursting border town near Myanmar. Apart from its scenic beauty, the place is a treasure trove of relics and monuments which are a fitting tribute to the rich cultural legacy of Mizoram. Due to its Luscious vineyards, kiwi plantations it has earned the nickname of fruit now of Mizoram.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

The Champhai district is the entry point for Mizo migrants who immigrated from Myanmar. Its innumerable monuments and monoliths dotting the length and breadth of the district draw tourists from all over the world. The major attractions however are the Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary and Mullen National Park.

7. Lawngtlai

It is situated in the southernmost part of Mizoram tops the list of best places to visit in Mizoram for its wildlife sanctuary and the majestic view of mountains that envelop the entire district. The colossal Phwangpui is popularly called the blue mountains because of the presence of a thin layer of clouds which imparts a bluish tinge when seen from a distance.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

Standing at an elevation of 2.157 mts it resembles a nature’s fort when seen from afar. Lawngtlai is home to 3 wildlife sanctuaries: Ngengpui, Simenon and Lohawka.

8. Reiek

If you are interested in experiencing the rustic life of the villagers, head out to Reiek standing at a height of 1548 mts. The mountain peaks offer amazing views of the villages and hills surrounding them. Even the plains of Bangladesh can be seen from here.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

The major attraction of Reiek is a topical Mizo village complete with the chieftain’s house, bachelor’s dormitory and even a widow’s quarter. Fully furnished, these houses offer a sneak peek of the life of simple-minded villagers.

There is also a cafeteria and a resort nearby to cater to the tourists. Reiek hosts the Anthurium festival every year.

9. Falkawn Village

Falkawn is a rustic village just a few km away from Aizawl. Tourists flock to this village to witness the rural lifestyle and culture of the Mizos.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

There is also a small live museum set up by the Art and Culture department of the Government of Mizoram. It comprises a Zawlbuk (dormitory), pum(blacksmith) house and several other houses resembling a typical Mizo village.

It is a unique concept to give the tourist a taste of the rich tribal culture.

10. Hmuifang

Undoubtedly this is not the best hill station in Mizoram. It has a lot on its plate to offer to travellers. The hill station has made a reputation for itself among adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Best Places to Visit in Mizoram

Untouched by commercialisation, it still retains its mystic qualities. Hmuifang hosts the annual festival of Thalfavang Kut where various dance forms like Cheraw, Sawlakai and Chheihlam are performed.

Final thought

Through our honest endeavour, we have tried to capture the best tourist spots in Mizoram. Come and spend some quality time amidst nature and go back enriched.

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