Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

Delhi, a city with a perfect mix of modernity and heritage, from the fascinating monuments to the fun of the fast life and the laid-back yet engaging attitude of the locals.

The city is filled with things you can enjoy and places you can visit. Even the food here is diverse, yet mouthwatering.

If you are thinking of visiting Delhi and don’t know what to visit, don’t worry. We got you covered.

Here we have made a list of the best tourist place in New Delhi that you can visit.

Top 10 Tourist Place in Delhi India

Delhi is a very prosperous place for tourists. Some of them are difficult to choose from, however I have found for you a list of top 10 tourist places in Delhi that you must visit.

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1. Akshardham Temple

Visiting Delhi is incomplete without going here, this adoring peaceful temple. The Akshardham temple is one of Delhi’s famous temples, which is also known as The Swami-Narayan Akshardham.

Akshardham is the best place to visit in Delhi with your family and if you are looking, to attain some spiritual peace.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

The building is 141-foot (43 meters) high, 316-foot(96 meters) wide, with a vast area of 356-foot(109 meters) long.

The temple has its name written in the Guinness book of world record for being the largest Hindu temple in the world.

It took around 11,000 artisans who volunteer in the construction of it. The temple is carved with stones using no steel. It is also famous for its fauna, artists, performer, and divinities.

It is filled with rich history and intriguing places to document the Indian architectural style.

2. Red Fort

The red fort is the heart of India, from flag hosting to speeches from our PM, everything takes place here.

Not only that the place is undoubtedly breathtaking and one of the best tourist places in Delhi and brings up to millions of visitors every year from around the world.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

The place has a museum that showcases all the artifacts related to the freedom struggles our freedom fighters went through.

There are regular shows conducted here to enlighten tourists on Mughal history.

3. Champa Gali

Who could have known that the unconventional streets of Saidulajab could have come up with a perfect gem in the form of Champa Gali?

Dotted with numerous cafes flanked on either side of the road, one is free to sip on some of the finest teas and also to gorge on all the pesto sandwiches and brownies at Jugmug Thela and indulge themselves in a therapy shopping experience at Jugaad.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

You name it and the place has everything to cater to some of the brightest minds or even attractive to the eye of a passerby. It is a vibrant place with lots of events happening like book reading sessions, poetry evenings and even impromptu jamming venues for the rising artists.

The dingy lane is lined with several knick-knack stores and cafes and even an onsight roastery. Visiting Champa Gali during your evening street hopping is sure to brighten up your mood.

4. Humayun Tomb

The best tourist place in Delhi is the Humayun tomb, which is also known as The Paradise Garden of Delhi.

The tomb was made in the memory of a wife who loves his husband, which is a vast garden-like tomb.

The place is a four-way garden that surrounds the tomb and all the garden resembles something of the Mughals rules.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

This place is also known as a favorite place to visit for couples because of the obvious historical reason.

You can shoot some awesome photography and videos here as the place is an ideal setting for doing so. Or you can simply stroll and the beauty of this place.

5. Jama Masjid

One of the largest mosques in India is known as the Jama Masjid, also called The Masjid-e Jahan-Numa.

The Jama Masjid is famous for its architectural design and was made by Shah Jahan between 1650 and 1656 he was known for architectural knowledge.

The masjid was made as a part of the new capital in Delhi, also known as Shahjahanabad.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

The place is the best mixture of marble and limestone and is to be considered the largest mosque of the Indian subcontinent.

Take some time out and admire the view from the minaret of the old Delhi, you will surely find it admirable.

You can also enjoy the delicious foods at one of the famous food places near the masjid.

6. Qutab Minar

The Qutub Minar is also known as the tallest minaret in India which has also got the UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the tallest brick minaret in the world.

The Minaret is also known for its Islamic structure which is inscribed with both Arabic and Brahmi.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

The Qutab Minar is a tall red sandstone glory that is a symbol of the biggest power shift in Delhi. In the 12th century, Qutub Uddin Aibak laid the foundation for the Delhi rule cause Mohammad Ghori to drive down Delhi rule from his successor and the Rajputs.

The place is filled with the history of Mughals, a perfect place for history buffs, and with the architectural style, you will be awed by the minds of that era.

Overall this place is worth a visit if you are looking for a place to shoot your photography or simply interested in history.

7. India Gate

The India Gate is a place which you cannot miss if you visit Delhi one of the best tourist places in Delhi.

The place is built in memory of 82,000 soldiers of the British Indian army who were in the war for our independence.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

The India Gate is also sharing its road with the parliament house which is also a main monumental area of Delhi and tourists from various places come to visit the place cause the place also knows our constitution.

It is a perfect picnic spot offering you a great view if you want to relax or shoot video or in winters you can enjoy a long stroll here under the glittery light and lively environment.

8. Hauz Khas

If you are looking to party and go wild this is your place to visit!

It is filled with all-night clubs, quirky cafes, dining restaurants, and more, though it is also known for the remnants of the Mughal empire.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

You can party here all day and night long at the urban village or enjoy the stroll filled with some interesting history facts at the deer park.

Apart from all this, there are major shops that you can go for shopping and stroll in the market simply enjoy the Delhi busy yet laidback environment.

9. Dilli Hatt

Are you a lover of shopping and a foodie at heart? We got a perfect place for you, that is Dilli hatt.

The place is adoringly breathtaking filled with everything you need under one place.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

It is a great place to experience the vibrant different cultures of all of India, and handicrafts made by the local artisan showcased via different cultural stalls.

It feels like a fair only better, the best time to visit this place is at night when all those fairy lights are adding more charm to the place.

Also, it is a perfect place to go with your date or squads to enjoy some quality time.

10. Connaught Place

Connaught Place is the heart of Delhi, giving you the most authentic vibes of the city.

It is famous for its Georgian-style architecture and is the most expensive commercial hub in the world.

Best Tourist Place in New Delhi

It is a popular place for luxurious brans from all over the world, and a popular spot among tourists.

The place also accompanies the biggest flag of India in the park that is centrally located,

You can enjoy some quality time here shopping or simply enjoying the view, clicking photographs for your social media.

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