Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

Andhra Pradesh is a state that is filled with many heritage sites, famous for its forts, mesmerizing cliffs, citadels, mouth-watering foods, unique culture, and many more places and things that will leave you awestruck!

So hold up! If you are making a list of best tourist places in Andhra Pradesh, we have mentioned some of the famous tourist spots in Andhra Pradesh that you can visit.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

We are going to discuss famous tourist spots in Andhra Pradesh India

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This temple is situated in the Chittoor district of the state and is popularly also known as the Balaji temple.

There are many interesting stories related to this temple like how Trimula came into existence, the legend goes that Lord Vishnu descended the earth from Vainkanta.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

Here he resided in the seven hills of the Tirupati to set free the peoples from the difficulties of Kali Yuga.

The architecture of the temple is majestic with a celestial location offering you once in a lifetime type of experience.


Amravathi also known as the Ambanagri that is a planned city that is situated on the banks of river Krishna.

It is famous for the Buddhist stupa and the semi hemispherical structure that retains the Buddhist relics.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

You can do sightseeing here, visit the pilgrimage, get to know about the history of the place.

The whole place is surrounded by a holy aura that provides you with peace, so if you are looking for a peaceful get away this is your place.


Often called the city of destiny or the jewel of the east coast, Visakhapatnam is famous for its beaches, landscapes, and its rich history that intrigues people a lot.

Also, the port of this place is one of the oldest shipyards in all of India.

There are several beaches here with one eye-catching beach for its scenic beauty of being surrounded by the hill from three sides and by the Bay of Bengal on the other, the Yarada beach.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

As per the history-loving tourists, this place has bora caves that are around a thousand years old and one of the biggest in India.

You can also visit the Indra Gandhi zoological park, Rushi Konda Beach, INS kusura submarine museum, and more.


Being the second-largest city in the southern region, Vijayawada has a lot more to offer to its tourists.

This place has a mesmerizing ample amount of caves and beautiful temples that are carved into these caves.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

The city’s history and heritage along with its newly architected metro city design speak for themselves offering you both a dive in past and the new wonders of the present.

Some of the best places you can visit while exploring this city are the Undavalli caves, Mogalajapuram caves, Prakasam barrage, and many more.


Famously known as the grand canyon of India this place is famous for its excellent gorges that are formed due to the river cutting through erramalla hills.

If you are a lover of watching sunsets and sunrises this is your dream place, Gandikota canyon has a dreamy view of dusk and dawn.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

The gandikota fort is the main attraction of this place that is filled with some remarkable architectural styles, carvings, and a lot of history adorned with a spectacular view.

Some of the places you can visit here are Jama Masjid, Madhavarya temple, Raghunathaswamy temple, and more.


This beautiful city is famous for its caves, temples, and has been called the historical hub of the whole of India.

Popularly known as the gateway of Rayalaseema, it has some picturesque surrounding areas.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

The forts and the dams, ancient sculptures, and beautiful temples, and the most famous srisailam temple are the main tourist attractions of this place.

The most famous konda reddy buruju prison is here that can be accessed through a tunnel across river Krishna- Alampur.

Some of the places you can visit here are the Belum caves, Maganti temple, Mahanadi temple, oravakallu rock garden, and more.


Guntur, popularly known as the land of chilies, attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year for its famous chili market and ancient temples.

Here you can visit the Kondaveedu, a place filled with beautiful fort ruins situated on the top of a hill, dig deep in the history of the place or simply enjoy trekking and hiking.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

The Mangala Giri, an ancient temple in Guntur dedicated to Lord Vishnu and goddess Laxshmi, along with that you can simply enjoy the picturesque beauty of the hills here.

The Surya Lanka beach, covered in golden sand and blue skies having a scenic beauty view, is your perfect relaxing getaway, the beaches here are lesser-known and very clean.

Some other places you can visit here are the chirala beach, Bhattiprolu, Krishna, barrage, and more.


Anantapur is popular for its sightseeing location and the glorious history of India. This ancient city has seen the reign of many great kingdoms filling some interesting pages of history.

Here you can visit the ISKCON Anantapur temple, which is a peaceful location to spend your time and worship lord Krishnan.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

The ahobilam temple, dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, is famous for the belief that any marriage that takes place here is happy and prosperous forever.

The pa fort, being of the main attraction of the city, having an intriguing appearance and deep rich history will keep you wanting more and more.

Some of the other places you can visit here are the Anantapur clock tower, Veera Bhadra temple, Gooty fort, and more.

Borra caves

Borra caves, made by the flow of the Gosthani river on limestone deposits, are popular for their mesmerizing sight.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

These caves give an enchanting look and the breathtaking stalagmite formation of various figurines.

There is a small temple inside these caves dedicated to Lord Shiva and try to go as deep as possible to discover some of the real treats of this place.

Rishi Konda Beach

If you are a lover of water and water sports, this place screams fun for you!

This beautiful beach is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in the city of Visakhapatnam.

Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

The place is extremely beautiful having a frothy blue sea and mesmerizing greenery surrounding it.

There is an ample amount of water sports activity to do here though everything is kept under expert supervision to avoid any casualties.

Overall this beach is your peaceful weekends getaway to relax and simply enjoy the moment place.

These were a few of the best places you can visit here in Andhra Pradesh.

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