19 Amazing Cheapest Places to Travel in Southeast Asia

South East Asia is a vast array of landscapes and houses some of the most amazing countries in the world. Many of the cheapest places in Southeast Asia are often lost in the background of some of the most popular tourist destinations. However, if you are strictly on a budget trip, try South East Asia for its amazingly lower cost of travel and its mystic appeal. 

South-East Asia is home to some of the world’s stunning beaches, lofty mountains, and tropical jungles. Sounds interesting, right! So let us explore some of the cheapest places to travel in Southeast asia for a relaxing family holiday. 

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19 Beautiful Cheapest Places to Travel in Southeast Asia

Here, are the list of some cheapest place to travel in Southeast Asia,

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is a splendid country that never ceases to amaze us. You can plan a solo trip to Vietnam for about a month yet not be able to capture the true essence of Vietnam in such a short period. 

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Its varied tourist destinations include Ha Long Bay, Ban Gioc Waterfall, The Ha Giang Province, and its surroundings. Vietnam holds a special place in the heart of travelers. But Vietnam is not solely restricted to Ha Ging Province alone. The country is full of natural delights. Thus, it is no big surprise that Vietnam is slowly emerging as one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia. 

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The country is noted for its local cuisine, distinctive culture, and history. Vietnam abounds in sacred temples, caves, and war memorials. These war memorials remind the rest of the world about the resistance of Vietnam and who dared to fight back against the Americans. Since Vietnam is one of the cheapest destinations, it is the perfect spot for budget-conscious travelers. 

1. Hoi An

This fascinating city in Vietnam is a kaleidoscope of beautiful beaches, rich history, lanterns, and endless paddy fields. For a thrifty traveler, it is nothing less than a paradise. For a budget of $10-15, it is not hard to rent a private room in a small guest house with a bicycle to paddle around in the city. 

Hoi An is the best destination to buy clothes and footwear. The city is famed for its delightful custom-made clothes for travelers. Many tourists especially visit Hoi An to stock on clothing and footwear.

Local Vietnam’s cuisine is a must-try out. It costs anything between $3-5. Average Vietnam is quite fond of Banh Mi. The dish cost $40 for 2. 

2. Ninh Binh

Another place to discover while in Vietnam is Ninh Binh. The city is famed for its lofty limestone peaks, intricately carved temples, and scenic views. Ninh Binh looks straight out of a perfect movie set.

A private room in countless guest houses can be booked for $15. If you wish to cut down your expenses further, hire a motorcycle or a bicycle to explore the city. With more or more tourists flocking to offbeat places like Ninh Binh, the restaurants serve local and international dishes. However, it is needless to say that local dishes are quite cheap. 

The daily budget is $25.

2. Combodia

This country shares a common border with Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. It is a good choice for those on a shoestring budget. When we think of Cambodia, we immediately link it with Angkor Wat, the famous religious structure in the whole world. 

Witnessing the sunrise and the sunset against the backdrop of this huge temple complex is a sight to behold. Travelers come from afar to visit this beautiful masterpiece. Cambodia is not restricted to Angkor Wat only. The country is the host to many tourist hubs.

There are beaches to explore, cities to discover, and the lip-smacking cuisine to try. Some notable cities in Cambodia are Siem Reap, Phnom, Penh, and Battambang.

1. Siem Reap

As mentioned earlier, Siem Reap is noted for the Angkor Wat temple.

2. Phnom Penh

Much of the history of Cambodia is centered around Phnom Penh. When in Phnom Penh, make time to visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the killing fields to learn more about the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge regime.

The brutality of these regimes still haunts people. It is hard to ignore the stories of the devastation caused by them. 

3. Battambang

The wave of Morden station has not touched this city of Battambang. Thus this off-beat tourist locale makes for a relaxing weekend destination. Hire a local bike or scooter to explore the city and its surroundings for your pleasure. 

Since Cambodia is a small country traveling from one tourist spot to another is relatively cheap. 

The daily budget is $20.

3. Laos

Some of you may not know this Wayback, relaxed destination. Life goes on here at a very slow pace. Infrastructure may not live up to the more popular tourist spot, but Laos can make up for a great holiday destination. It is a highly religious country with homely people. 

The entire country is dotted with temples and monasteries. Once a French colony, the country still retains its past colonial history. This is evident from the French architectural styles that dominate a greater part of Laos. This virgin territory is genuinely a home away from home. 

Laos has managed to ward off the evil effects of moderation to a large extent. Thus this country sides still retains an air of purity. A trip to Laos takes you back in time. Laos is the home to Khone Pabeng, the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia, and Luang Prabang, a city renowned for its palaces.

Vientiane is Laos’s capital city and the first city you should head to. The capital city is dotted with Buddhist monasteries indicating a strong Buddhist presence. Visitors visit Laos’s general museum, located at the city’s heart. Prices are comparatively cheaper here than in Cambodia, but its unparalleled beauty is at par with other popular tourist hubs. 

The daily budget is $17.

4. Indonesia

This is the best country to visit in asia for first time travelers. Indonesia is an incredibly beautiful island that needs an entire lifetime to discover. This small island country comprises 17,000 tiny islands, each worth its unique identity. Plus, there is more than 300 ethnic group of peoples living on this island. Thus you can imagine the rich culture of Indonesia. 

Cheapest Places to Travel in Southeast Asia

The landscape of Indonesia is as divergent as the islands. Thus Indonesia is home to serene beaches, dense forests, and active volcanoes. But the best part of Indonesia is that you can discover all these even on a shoestring budget. 

Some islands have a wide following among global travelers. For instance, Bali, Sumatra, and Java, on the other hand, see less influx of tourists. 

1. Bali

Bali is just one of the main islands that form Indonesia. Nevertheless, it is the most famous island. Notwithstanding its popularity, Bali is also the cheapest place to travel to.

Roundabout $40 is all you need to visit Bali. But prices vary depending upon the tourist season. For a thrifty traveler, it is best to avoid the peak seasons, which see a massive rush of travelers to Bali. Another way to save cost is to dine in Warungs, the local roadside eateries specializing in serving Indonesian dishes.

In addition, it will be wise to explore the island in a rented motorbike. Bali has something to offer to all kinds of visitors. The Southern part of Bali is more popular with the tourists as it houses the city of Denpasar. It is also the home of the surf resort Kuta beach.

However, if you wish to avoid local festive crowds, head to Central Bali. Central Bali offers a chance to soak in the culture of Bali. Bali’s cultural hub is dotted with temples, beautiful waterfalls, and small primitive villages. 

Ubud is a perfect place to view the traditional dance performances and buy local souvenirs to take back home. 

East Bali is famed for its mighty Mount Agung, dense rainforest, volcanoes, and paddy fields.

The daily budget is $25.

5. Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has always been a popular tourist spot thanks to its varied landscape. This country is home to hundreds of temples and pagodas. The Burmese are, by nature, hospital and friendly towards the visitors. 

Tourists are generally left or struck while visiting the intricately carved temples at Bagan and the mountain city of Hpa An. Myanmar is a hotspot for adventure seekers. 

Myanmar is slowly opening its doors to tourism after years of military rule. Commercialization has failed to destroy the simplicity and authenticity of this small country. Myanmar is quite affordable, although hotel prices have sharply increased in recent years.

A vacation to Myanmar requires careful planning and research. Since Myanmar is subject to turbulent history and military uprising, any visit to the trouble-torn country needs serious consideration. 

1. Mandalay

Although Myanmar is renowned worldwide for Bagan temples, there are so many other places to explore, for instance, Mandalay. Mandalay is a prominent tourist hub due to its varied attractions like U Bein bridge, Mohamuni Buddha Temple, etc. Mandalay is not at all an expensive city to visit. 

With a modest budget of $15, you can easily rent a room in one of the many guest houses. 

The daily budget is $25.

6. Thailand

Thailand is frequently referred to as “the land of smiles .”Thailand is a popular tourist spot for backpackers. It abounds in beautiful temples, pristine beaches, dense forests, and delicious local cuisines. Thailand has always attracted hoards of tourists from every part of the world. Tourism is a very popular industry over here. 

Thanks to a steady flow of visitors all year round, Thailand is a treasure trove of tourist adventures, from lazy beachside holidays to water sports and safari parks. Thailand is somewhat expensive compared to other Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. Nevertheless, it is affordable to the average tourist. 

1. Ching Mai

Chimg Mail lies to the north of Thailand. This modest town attracts visitors willing to spend the vacation in some offbeat destinations. Suppose time permits take a detour to visit Ching Rai, a town famed for its temples in shades of white and blue. Savor the local delicacy pad, Thai, when in Ching Mai.

The daily budget is $28.

7. Phillippines

This island country is excellent for diving, snorkeling, or beachside relaxation. The country comprises over 7000 islands. These islands are home to some the fascinating white sandy beaches, palm groves, and blue lagoons.

The Philippines is a complete holiday destination for adventure tourism. Cascading waterfalls, volcanoes, and abundant lush green vegetation make up a wonderful site. The Philippines is quite affordable as a budget tourist destination. 

1. Siquijor

The Philippines is quite an expensive second only to Singapore and Malaysia. But the Philippines do offer countless opportunities for budget-conscious travelers. Not all islands are expensive, at least not Siquijor. 

Not many tourists frequent this hidden gem of a paradise, which helps reduce costs. With just a handful of tourists, Siquijor is not so crowded. This island offers ample facilities to go snorkeling or diving in relative solitude. There is no need to hire private vehicles to roam the island. Instead, rely on a rented motorbike or cycle for exploring the island.

The daily budget is $32.

8. Malaysia

Malaysia is the most developed country in South East Asia. The country incorporates a perfect balance between towering skyscrapers standing side by side with ancient temples and mosques. Malaysia has managed to retain its natural beauty despite the fast pace of Modernization. 

It is home to lush green forests, stunning beaches, and many other tourist attractions to entice the average traveler. The majority of the visitors prefer to spend their time in Kuala Lumpur. This is the capital city of Malaysia. Travelers to Malaysia are at liberty to choose from a range of activities from scuba diving to jungle safaris or visiting the Batu caves for a spine-chilling adventure.

1. Tanah Rata

The tourist takes a coach to reach Tanah Rata from Kuala Lampur. Tanah Rata is nestled on the Cameron hills. The time taken for the journey varies between 31/2 to 4 hours. While in Tanah Rata, join a local sightseeing tour. This way, you will be able to cut down your cost instead of opting for private taxis. Finding budget accommodation in this region is not difficult since it witnesses a huge influx of local tourists.

2. Sarawak Kuching

The capital city of Sarawak and Mili, are two popular tourist destinations. Sarawak is famed for its reserve forest and cave. These two cities are a lot cheaper than Kuala Lampur. 

Many tourists prefer to take a stole along the river bank or pose for photographs with the numerous cat statutes doting the entire city. Sarawak is a popular destination among budget travelers.

The daily budget is $25.

Final Thoughts

Jetstar, peach, Pal express, and citilink are some budget airlines that offer services to South East Asia. So do not hesitate to book your flight plans to avoid the mad rush during the peak season. I hope this article is an eye-opener in discovering budget-friendly locations in South East Asia.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. What is the cheapest country in South East Asia?

Southeast Asia is home to several nations, each with its distinctive culture, identity, and history. Thus it provides a rich experience for travelers to soak in the myriad flavors. Moreover, these nations make up great budget destinations. Therefore it is hard to pinpoint exactly which country is cheapest in terms of flooding, lodging, or traveling. Cambodia, Laos, and the Philippines are equally beautiful and quite cheap in comparison to popular destinations in Europe.
However, out of these, we have chosen the Philippines as one of the most budget-friendly nations. Not only is it dart cheap to visit the Philippines, but the people there are always ready to welcome you with warm smiles.

Question 2. Which is the cheapest country to travel to in South East Asia?

The cheapest country to travel to in South East Asia is Laos. Not only is it cheap but also lacks must tourism. Thus many travelers opt for Laos to avoid the maddening crowds and the more popular destinations. Laos is the intermingling of the two distinct identities. There is Vientiane with its modern buildings and golden stupa, and then there is undisturbed countryside.

Question 3. Is South East Asia generally cheap to travel to?

Yes, South East Asia is generally cheap to travel to. To cut costs, it is best to share accommodations with locals, rent a motorbike or cycle to travel instead of private vehicles, and opt for local dishes.

4. Is traveling in Southeast Asia cheap?

Traveling in South East Asia is com parateviley cheaper than traveling to some of the popular destinations in Europe. On an average budget of $50-60, you can cover most destinations. This includes travel costs, food, and lodging. However, it is always best to feed on local dishes, stay in expensive hotels and arrange for scooters and bicycles to travel short distances. 


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