11+ Do’s and Don’ts When traveling For the First Time

When you travel, you’ll encounter people from many different cultures. It’s important to follow local etiquette rules so that you don’t offend anyone or create an uncomfortable situation.

Still, it can be tricky to know what is and isn’t appropriate behavior in another country, mainly if you’re staying with locals as a part of a homestay program.

To conduct yourself in the real world, you must have complete knowledge of do’s and don’ts when traveling.

 Every culture has its own set of conventions, so it’s essential to research before you go. If you want to fit in, you’ll need to know precisely how to behave when you’re in another country.

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The more research you do, the fewer faux pas you’ll commit. Here are some of the etiquette:

• Be open-minded. Be mindful of your surroundings.

• Be polite and friendly.

• Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

• Realize that your customs may be different from the locals.

Do’s and don’ts when traveling

Here, are the list of some do’s and don’ts while traveling.

What you should do during traveling

Do's and Don'ts While traveling

Be open-minded about new experiences

When moving to any newly visited place, you can explore various things. Try new foods, and enjoy the culture you’ve witnessed.

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Respect religious and cultural traditions

  It’s the most obvious thing to be considered. It’s good if you did not hurt the sentiments of people there regarding their beliefs.

Avoid bringing up controversial topics

You are new to that place, and as a tourist, don’t kick off any topic that can hurt others.

Be respectful towards service workers.

It’s all about manners and etiquette. Never try to insult them. Give respect to them.

Try to use the local language as much as possible

At the same time, knowing their local language can help you understand what they want to convey without any barriers and confusion.

Carry medicines and your doctor’s contact number.

Medicine and a contact number are essential in an emergency, such as if you are injured or involved in an accident.

Keep a photocopy of your passport

Multiple copies of your important documents can help you in many areas. You don’t need to roam anywhere in need of these things in any new place.

What you Should not do while Traveling

Don’t overpack

Accurately stuffed will lead to heavy luggage, which will make your journey hectic and loaded. You can’t enjoy your trip as you had wished.

• Don’t be too demanding

Don’t expect things to be like they are at home

When you’re traveling, you can’t get the same level of comfort and convenience compared to your home. You have searched for an affordable residence location and transport facility. You can explore new places and learn many things.

Don’t litter

While going anywhere, you should keep the place nearby clean and tidy. As a tourist, it’s your responsibility to maintain the opulence of the tourist attraction.

Don’t be loud or obnoxious

Never raise your voice at anyone and talk calmly to people. Being loud can give you a bad impression and sometimes get you in trouble.

Don’t talk politics

When you visit any tourist place, you should enjoy its beauty and enthralling experiences, not worry about the political background of the place. It can hurt the sentiments of the people.

How to stay safe while traveling?

When it comes to traveling, safety is one of the major concerns to think about. If you do not take safety measures, it can worsen your whole journey.

Here are some of the safety measures to be ensured for a smooth and memorable journey:

Understand the local language

If you’re going to any place where language can become one of the barriers for you, Learn or get knowledge about that so that you won’t face problems expressing yourself.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance can be beneficial in severe cases and help you provide treatment, diagnosis, ambulance services, etc.

Keep your valuables with you

Always keep your essential items with you so you can easily find them in an emergency.

Beware of scams

There are numerous ways you can get cleverly scammed by thieves, and you cannot predict that. So be cautious at all times during your journey.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

You went to learn about new places and cultures, not to drink and watch Netflix.

Withdraw only from the banks

Never carry too much cash with you. If you need it, withdraw it only from the banks located nearby. In the case of exchanging money from any shop or person, there are chances of getting scammed.

Don’t take a nap in transit

A nap should be taken when you’re free. Taking a nap while traveling is a sign of carelessness that can lead to problems afterward.

Do not use public Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi can leak your details and is malicious.

• Always take help from your travel agent and local police. Don’t go for expensive accessories or jewelry.

Do’s and don’ts for International Traveling

If you are going for International traveling, In this section, we are discussing some dos and don’ts for international traveling.

Do's and Don'ts While traveling

Do’s for International Traveling

• Dress appropriately according to the surroundings. It will make you look more like a local than a tourist.

• Always travel with your group while visiting tourist attractions or shopping. If you misplace it, the number will assist you in locating it.

• Tie a band on your luggage. Normal locks are not big tasks for professional thieves.

• Always keep an eye on your surroundings for suspicious people or vehicles. There are many ways people can cheat you, and you never come to know about it.

• Keep your credit number with you, in case your number has been stolen, so that you can report it.

• Always keep maps and travel brochures with you for ease. If you lose your way, it can be helpful.

Don’ts for International Traveling

• Don’t exchange money from anywhere or with any individual.

• Don’t carry too much cash with you.

• Don’t walk on the roadside, keeping your bag over your shoulder loosely; it can get snatched.

• Don’t visit any dangerous or unknown place alone, especially at night.

• Never keep your valuables in public places.

• Don’t keep your essential documents in your luggage. Please keep them in your handbag so you can give them to one another without wasting time.

• Don’t park your vehicle anywhere but in the proper place. A fine can be imposed on you in that case. Don’t pick up hitchhikers.

Do’s and don’ts for tourists when they visit any monument

This section will explain to you what you should be careful about when visiting monuments,

What are the things you should take care of during your visit to the Monument?

• know the exact location of the place. It will be a hustle for you to search afterward and put you in a confusing mood.

• Always take photos only when it is allowed. Follow COVID-19 protocols. Wear a mask, use sanitizer, and maintain a distance. Various tourist places ask for vaccination certificates.

• You can hire a guide to explore more knowledge and stories.

• Respect the monuments and keep the place clean and tidy.

• Visit at the correct time so your whole journey cannot be disturbed.

What are the things you should take care of during your visit to the Monument?

• Prohibit eating and smoking inside the monuments. Inside monuments, turn off or silence your phone.

• Do not scratch or touch the walls and surfaces of monuments, as this kind of carelessness can spoil our rich heritage sites.

• Do not make noise; maintain silence inside the monument. It can disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the monument.

• Don’t carry bags while visiting, as it can increase the security check time.

• Do not give money to kids; it will discourage them from begging for money instead of going to school.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

 Question 1: What to avoid while traveling?

Answer: There’s so much to avoid while traveling, like carrying luggage carefully, managing money well, and not insulting the place’s culture.

Question 2: What are some things you must not do when you travel abroad?

Answer- Some things are: consume alcohol at your own risk; have meals near any tourist attraction as it can be expensive.

Question 3: What should you do when you travel?

Answer: You should choose public transport instead of private vehicles, learn the local language, manage your budget and keep yourself aware.

Question 4: What is proper travel etiquette?

Answer: Traveling etiquette sets the norms and guidelines people should follow while traveling.

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