How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Traveling?

It’s a big question or problem for many travelers i.e. motion sickness. If you are suffering from this issue while traveling by bus, car, boat, airplane, etc. Then, This article is for you. This article will tell you, how to prevent motion sickness while traveling.

If you are on this article, it means you know very well, what is motion sickness.

Motion sickness can be defined as discomfort. Or a feeling of unwellness caused by some kinds of movements. It creates a woozy sensation and a disturbance of the inner ear. The repeated regular movements of vehicles create a disturbance in the inner ear, which causes motion or travel sickness.

In this, the signals that the brain receives from various body parts like eyes, inner eyes, muscles, and joints do not match according to the situation or during the time of action.

The chances of suffering from motion sickness decrease with an increase in age as the functioning of the inner ear decreases. Kids have more hearing capacity, so they are more prone to motion sickness.

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Motion sickness can occur while traveling by car, Bus, plane, boat, cruise, or any other mode of transportation. There are many preventive measures that can prevent motion sickness.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Traveling by Road?

While traveling by road, there are high chances of getting motion sickness. Here are some of the preventive measures:

How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Traveling

How to Prevent Motion Sickness in Car?

Below, I am discussing some ways to prevent motion sickness in children/adult people.

Look up, down, and around

Sit in the middle of the back seat of the car, so that you can see from the front windshield. For long trips, indulge yourself in reading books, games, or movies. Look outside the car instead of looking down.

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Schedule your travel during sleeping hours

When your destination is more important than the sights along the way, choose those hours for traveling. Additionally, you won’t be affected by motion sickness during this time when you are likely to sleep.

Avoid spicy food

Go for bland foods as they are easy for the stomach to digest. Don’t have highly sugared snacks and drinks; they can be harsh on the stomach.

Open the windows

Taking fresh air to come in can prevent this wooziness, so open the windows. Also, you can use an air freshener in your car to keep the air fresh.

Use medications

You can use tablets like Dramamine, easily chewable tablets. This tablet is specially designed for road trips; its grape flavor is quite satisfying and gives results effectively.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Bus?

Select your position

Selecting a bus for a better experience is very important, and searching for a seat where motion sickness does not hinder it is another. The ideal place on the Bus where you can prevent motion sickness is the front side of the Bus, exactly behind the driver.
Your brain signals will understand less motion and, hence, you will feel better.

Don’t read in a moving vehicle

Never concentrate on one thing inside your Bus. This can create a clash in your brain, and bus sickness can begin. When taking the Bus, avoid using your phone excessively.

Be diverted

Instead of getting tense because of your discomfort and illnesses, think of something which can distract your mind, like listening to songs, looking outside, counting your breath, etc. Concentrating on your sight can prove to be the best way to deal with bus sickness.

Carry medicines

If you travel by Bus and suffer from motion sickness every time, then you can keep these medicines with you —Scopolamine, promethazine, and antihistamines.

How to prevent motion sickness while traveling by air?

Motion sickness can occur when your inner ear receives inappropriate or different movements, resulting in vomiting, dizziness, and nausea. If your plane is crowded and lacks fresh air, follow the below-mentioned steps.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Traveling

Below, I am telling you some ways to prevent motion sickness in airplanes.

Choose your seat wisely

As the airplane takes off, there will be bumpiness, which can create discomfort for you. Choose your seat where this bumpiness is low. Avoid taking a seat at the back. Go for the seats between the plane’s wing or in the front part.

Continue to unwind

The movement or normal sound produced by the aircraft can cause dizziness and illness. Keep stress and anxiety away from you and adopt a positive mindset while looking forward to your destination.

Avoid reading and digital screens

Reading books, either from a magazine or on a digital device, can make your motion sickness worse. You can use audiobooks using headphones.
Don’t read mystery novels or thriller novels; instead, stay relaxed.

Consider ginger ale

Instead of having colas, juices or alcohol, try ginger ale, which can keep nausea away. Take it in sips instead of taking the whole ale in at once.
-stay away from oily and spicy foods.
-Take medicine if you know you’re prone to motion sickness.

How to prevent motion sickness while traveling by water?

The sound created by a boat can prove to be one of the major causes of getting motion sickness or seasickness. Receiving such conflicting signals from the brain can cause dizziness, which can lead to headaches, fatigue, sweating, and other symptoms.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Traveling

How to prevent motion sickness on the boat?

Seriously, are you feeling motion sickness in a boat, Don’t take it wrong. Actually, I enjoyed boat riding very much. But it’s ok. I will give you some tricks to prevent or avoid motion sickness on the boat.

Take proper rest

Sleep deprivation can increase your chances of becoming seasick. Proper sleep and rest are a must when you’re traveling.

Take antiemetics

Keep antiemetic drugs with you, including Dramamine, Bonine, and scopolamine. These drugs are supposed to counteract the signals that the brain receives when you have motion sickness. These can prevent nausea, vomiting, dehydration, etc.

Select a mid-ship cabin

Select the mid-ship cabin at the center of the boat, where sawing movements are negligible. Hence, it will not cause any disturbance to your ears and reduce the chances of getting motion sickness.

Use acupressure wristbands

Using acupressure wristbands, also called “Sea-bands” can prevent nausea. This band applies pressure on your wrist; it gives a balancing experience as you wear it.

How to prevent motion sickness on Cruise?

Here are some of the ways to avoid motion sickness when you’re on a cruise

Spend time out

Don’t stay in your room; you’ll feel more seasick. Rather, stay outside, look towards the horizon, and get some fresh air. Sit on a lounge chair on the pool deck to be calm and relaxed.

Choose your cabin

Get the perfect cabin, which is located in the lower or central part of the cabin. Avoid taking cabins located close to the edge of the ship or at a higher level.

Chose your itinerary

Choose a cruise that spends 1-2 days at sea before docking. It will lower your chance of getting seasick. Spending more time on a ship without being on land will give you more seasickness.

Choosing a Cruise Line

Select the cruise that suits you. It’s generally preferred to opt for calmer waters. These include Alaskan cruises and Caribbean cruises when it’s not hurricane season.

Intense waters can create strong and unpredictable currents, which can create motion and increase the chances of getting seasickness.


This (Motion sickness) is a very common problem, which is not quite as serious, but its symptoms still create discomfort and make the traveling experience of any person worse.

A traveler should be aware of his/her symptoms and take precautionary steps accordingly.
When learning about any mode of transportation, you must be aware of the preventive measures and learn how to keep yourself calm, relaxed, and free of stress and anxiety. You can also refer to a physician or doctor if you experience any severe problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Does ginger prevent motion sickness?

    Answer: Yes, ginger can prevent nausea and stomach irritation, which can give relief.

  2. Question: What are various food items used to prevent motion sickness?

    Answer: Bananas, cardamom, peppermint, nuts, water, ginger, etc., are some food items that can prevent motion sickness.

  3. Question: What are different ways to prevent motion sickness?

    Answer: Some of the ways are:
    • Shut your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing.
    • Focus on a single point and look straight ahead.
    • Breathe in fresh air by opening a nearby window.
    • Take a short walk.
    • Avoid long journeys

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