BreathTaking 20+ Places to Visit in Maharashtra

When we think of Maharashtra immediately conjure visions of likes of uninterrupted Marine drive followed by the India Gate and Chatrapati Maharaj Terminus. These are some of the iconic structures of Mumbai. Mumbai is the capital city and heart of Maharashtra. But the third-largest state in India offers much more than that. 

Large stretches of beach, lofty mountains, rich history of Maratha’s wildlife reserves, pilgrimages, and vibrant culture. Thus, if you are looking for the best place in Maharashtra, you will be spoiled for a choice. This culturally diversified state is a magnet for tourists seeking adventure or recluse from the humdrum of life. 

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Anyway, without further delay, let us draw the list of some of the best places in Maharashtra while on vacation there. 

Best Tourist Places in Maharashtra in Summer

Malvan-Beach Lovers

This is a coastal town in the Sindudurg district. With abundant beaches, Malvan attracts beach lovers and adventure tourists. Besides being a popular beachside destination, Malvan is the spot where the Karli river disappears into the sea. 

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The beauty of Malvan lies in its sandy beaches and rich marine life. In addition, the town sports a coral beach called Anarkali. The list of beachside attractions in Malvan is endless. Soak in the beauty of beaches or visit the famous tourist hubs like Tsunami island, rock garden, or the nearby Sinhagabad fort. 

Amboli- Dense Forest

Amboli is an offbeat tourist destination for people trying to escape the summer heat. The place is covered by dense forest all around and steep hills. This hill resort offers a fantastic view of the vast Arabian sea. The place is known for its anomeric view of the Konkan coast.

The other highlight of the place is a botanical garden, bauxite mines, Haryana kasha temple, and so forth. The best part of Amboli is its easy accessibility to major cities of Maharashtra, including Mumbai.

Mumbai- Land of Dreams, never sleeps

Mumbai is an intoxicating blend of mordenasititon and traditional blends. The grander the city, together with its fast pace life, lures travelers afar. Visitor’s old and young c omen here to breadth in the piles of the city. The city offers varied tourist places of interest to capture the attention of everyone.

Places to Visit in Maharashtra

There is the Gateway of India, the famous marine drive, Siddhi Vinayak temple, or Hazi Ali mosque for religious-minded travelers. Besides this, Chowpatti or Juhu beach is a renowned landmark associated with Mumbai. To satiate your shopping sphere, you can visit the famous Colomba market. The market house shops of every description from branded stores to dart cheap clothing to add to your wardrobe. 

Mumbai is forever bursting with life. Explore the city in your own space. Discover the hidden lanes and by-lanes which house the best sequence of Mumbai while gorging on delicious street foods. With such a strong minting pool, Mumbai holds a unique appeal. 

Pune- The Cultural Hub

There is no dearth of wonders to allure the travelers. Besides, its proximity to the major city acts as a halting spot en route to the famous places in Maharashtra. While in Pune, tourists go on a hiking trail to Lohagarh or Rajmachi forts or indulge in wild water rafting. Besides these, there are Sangam safari trails or crocodile islands to choose from

Pune has a number of hill stations like Lonavala or Mahabaleswar. With its wide range of options, Pune does not disappoint the average traveler. 

Lonavala-Hill Station

Lonavala is an exquisite hill station that offers a relaxing gateway far from the madding crowds. Located close to Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala provides the best possible connectivity. Nickname the Jewel of Sahyadri Lonavila boast a fantastic view and exquisite locales.

The magnificent hills of Baja and Karla, pristine lakes, and cascading waterfalls. It is blessed with several nearby waterfalls, including Bhivpuri, Bhagirath, and Jumapatti. Furthermore, this beautiful hill resort also houses other wonders like Tikona fort, Duke’s Nose, and Lohagad fort.

Best Places in Maharashtra to Visit in Monsoon

Bhimashankar, Pune

Perched atop the Sahyadri hills of the Western Ghats, the arrival of the monsoon transforms the entire area into a dazzling bed of greenery. The biodiversity of this region is a fantastic sight to behold. Explore this region during the monsoon with your friends and family. 

The famous Sahyadri wildlife sanctuary and the famous Jyotirlinga temple are bound to entice you. If you visit Pune during the monsoon season, see Bhimashankar. This is a mere 5 hr drive to Pune. 

Bhandardara, Ahmednagar

This idyllic place is an offbeat hill town nestled in the western ghats. The entire area is a picture-perfect destination with ample waterfalls, lakes, and dense greenery. I suggest you take an overnight stop at Bhandardara enough to Shirdi.

Bhandara lies at the height of 2000 mt above sea level. Thus this area witnesses a pleasant climate all year around. There are also excellent camp side facilities to be enjoyed with your friends. 

Malshaej ghat, Thane

Malshej ghat is another prime spot along the western ghat that features on the bucket list during the monsoon season. Malshej is primarily noted for these pictures of trails and blooming mulberries. The Ghats is an ideal spot for tourists looking for an adrenalin rush. Ajoba hill fort and Zharkova peak are some of the popular trekking trails. Furthermore, a trek to the Harishchandragad Fort, lying at 1400 mt, is an adventure of a lifetime. Shivneri fort is another place worthy of a visit. 

Matheran, Raigad

Matheron is another hill station of western ghat that is synonymous with natural beauty and scenic spots. Monsoon advises a touch of color to this glamorous hill station. Although its overall area is smaller compared to other hill resorts, it is unparalleled in terms of beauty. Louisa point, Panorama point, Monkey point, and Prabal fort are some of the highlights of this hill town. The monsoon brings out the actual color of Matheron.


Sandy beaches, historic structures, and scenic beauty best describe Alibaug. Alibaug is one of the top draws during the monsoon. Kulaba fort, Andheri fort, and Murud Janjira fort are noted for their architectural styles, while Alibaug beach and Varsoli beach are coastal beauties that are hard to ignore. The beaches of Alibaug draw a massive influx of tourists every year. Monsoon changes the face of Alibaug into a picture-perfect destination. 

Best Places to Visit Maharashtra in Winter


Igatpur is a little-known hill station surrounded by lofty peaks of the Sahyadri ranges. The mountain parts provide picturesque trekking trails for hikers. The town witnessed a massive influx of tourists over the weekend. It is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of modern city life. 

The quaint little town with a cascading waterfall, natural streams, and nature’s beauty is a haven for nature lovers. Apart from these, there are historic ruins for historic ruins of ancient forts and small temples that add charm to this place. Tourists are swayed by the beauty of the Kalsubai Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. Moreover, Igadpuri is the home of the Vipassana Academy. This academy is the largest meditation center. 


Mahabaleshwar is one of Maharashtra’s most popular hill stations. Its beauty lies in the crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, and majestic peaks. The hill station houses magnificent ancient temples, lush greenery, and waterfalls that will captivate your attention. 

Mahabaleshwar was initially the summer retreat of the British officials. Thus their influence is evident in the myriad pieces of architecture. Mahabaleshwar is a vast plateau and the birthplace of the Krishna river, which travels across Maharashtra. The entire stretch of Mahabaleshwar is full of strawberry firms.


Khandala is a hill station in the Western Ghats. Covered with lush greenery, forest cover, and beautiful waterfalls. This place is noted for its breathtaking beauty. It is a hotspot for hikers seeking to capture the beauty of the Sahyadri mountain ranges. 

The main points of interest here are Rajmachi point, Tamhini mountain pass, and Bhaja and Karla caves. Khandala is a dream gateway for nature lovers and adventure seekers. A trekker’s delight, Khandala remains a tourist paradise.


Panchgani, as the name denotes, is a cluster of five hills enveloping it. Panchgani is another hill station that deserves a special mention. The town is blessed with nature’s beautiful beauty in the form of lofty mountain peaks, waterfalls, and rolling beds of greenery. 

The town serves as a summer home of the British raj. Panchgani tops the bucket list of tourists seeking a romantic weekend of total relaxation. Sydney Point, Rajpuri Caves, and Dhomdam are the main highlights of this town. 


Nicknamed the cutest hill station, Matheran is the best place to retreat if you want to enjoy nature. The exquisite hill station still retains its rustic appeal, untouched by the harmful effect of mordenasitation. The place lies at the height of 800 mts. Thus it enjoys a pleasant climate all year round.

Do you know, the best thing about this town is its quietness and solitude. Needless to say, honking at cars or buses is unheard of here. Matheron provides beautiful scenic spots. Nature photographers make a beeline to capture its unique beauty. Explore the town at your own pace on foot. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Best Honeymoon Places in Maharashtra

There is no dearth of romantic destinations in Maharashtra for honeymoon couples. Let us focus on some of the most fascinating places to spend a romantic weekend together. 


Lonavala is a splendid retreat that has a calming influence on your mind and body. It is an idyllic hill station close to Pune. Its close navigability with the major cities of Maharashtra enhances its appeal further. Lonavala is fondly called the jewel of Sahyadris. The name is befitting of the spectacular spot owing to its replanted greenery, stunning waterfalls, and ancient caves.

Visitors come here to explore the caves of Bhaja and Karla, complete with motives and inscriptions. The area has several waterfalls, camping grounds, and hiking trails. 


Alibaug is a seaside town along the border of Mumbai. The name translates to the gardens of Ali. The city owes its name to the fruit orchardist owned by an Israelite named Ali. Alibaug was a prominent place during the British raj. Being a coastal town, much of Alibaug’s prominence was due to its splendid beaches. The sparkling beaches attract travelers from all over the world. 

In addition to beaches, Alibaug has centuries of history behind it. The historic Kolaba fort or Brahmakund is a popular tourist attraction. There are even facilities to pursue parasailing or jets king here. 


Kamshet is a beautiful hill station in western ghat noted for its paragliding activities. Surrounded by the eternal beauty of the Ghats, the place is a top draw for adventurers. 

Kamshet is a feast for paragliders. However, this region is nothing but a rural village with a cluster of huts and a local market. The entire area is dotted with paddy fields. This provides a calm and pristine atmosphere. Bethesda caves, Khondeshwar temple, and Pavana lake are some tourist attractions here. 

Things to do in Maharashtra

Blessed with nature’s countenance, varied landscape, and toms of historical sites, Maharashtra has no dearth of things to do. 

Bird watching

If bird watching is your passion, then Maharashtra is the place to be. Thousands of brightly colored Flamingo fly yearly from Kutch to settle down in Mumbai and Pune in winter. Thus you can watch these Flamingos from Thane creek, Bhandup pumping station, or Bhigwan, Bhuleshwar in Pune. Besides, you can visit the coastal marine and biodiversity center in Airoli for a boat ride amidst the sea of Flamingos. 

Discover the hidden gems

Apart from the world-renowned caves of Ajanta and Elora, Maharashtra is the home to Elephanta cave, Karla Bhaja caves, and Kuda caves, to name a few. Explore these hidden gems and be a part of rich history. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the coolest place in Maharashtra?

The coolest place in Maharashtra is undoubtedly the hill station of Mahabaleshwar. This was the summer retreat of the erstwhile British officials. Moreover, the picturesque hill resort is more expansive than some of its other counterparts like Matheron. 

Which is the most visited place in Maharashtra?

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, is the most visited place in Maharashtra. These are the wealthiest places with the highest per capita income. Best known as the city of dreams, travelers come from afar to fulfill their lifelong dream of making it big in this city.

Which is the most beautiful village in Maharashtra?

The most beautiful village in Maharashtra is Ganpatipule. Although it is a small seaside town, its ambiance resembles a quaint village of fishers. Devotees come here from afar to seek the blessing of Lord Ganesha. Several hotels have sprung up in recent times to cater to tourists. 

Which is the most beautiful hill station in Maharashtra?

Mahabaleshwar is the most beautiful hill station in Mahabaleshwar. Apart from its scenic b beauty, the place is known for its strawberry farms. 

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