Private vs Public Transportation: Which is the right choice for Traveling

Vacations are one of the best times to explore and cherish the most enjoyable moments of life. Visiting any of the places there is exciting and enthusiastic to enjoy and capture every moment in the best way it can be.

For that, you need to plan accordingly, like where you are going, where you will stay, and most importantly, how you will go and by what means. Your trip’s success also depends on transportation facilities.

When it comes to mode of Transportation, there are two ways: Private Vs Public Transport. Both the means have their own advantages and Disadvantages.

Out of Private Transport Vs Public Transport, the one which satisfies the factors of the visitors or travelers will be the best one line budget issue, environmental concern, personal issues, etc.

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It becomes more significant now to have deep Knowledge regarding both the means of Transportation, Private Vs Public Transport and knowing the benefits and drawbacks of both of them.

What is Private Transport?

Private Transportation is the chief and foremost mode of Transportation adopted by people all over the world.

Private vs Public Transportation myfitour

Private Transportation can be defined as the mode of Transportation which can be used by an individual at a personal level and not by the general public. Sometimes family, friends, and colleagues can be included.

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It totally depends on the owner of the vehicle, which route is to be followed, and at what time. You don’t need to depend on the buses, trains, or subway schedules.

The total expenditure on private Transportation comes under the user. You can opt for your own vehicle while traveling or can hire from Private Transportation services like Uber and Lyft, which provide efficient service for a smooth experience.

Various examples of Private Transport

As private transport encompasses private vehicles to ensure smooth traveling, it can be motorized and non-motorized private vehicles.

Some motorized-private vehicle examples are :
Motorcycles, Cars, Jeeps, Moped, Private jets, Electric bicycles, Motorboat, Motorized-wheelchair, etc.

Some of the non-motorized private vehicles are:
Bicycle, Roller skates, walking, horse-drawn vehicle, skateboards, etc.

Pros and cons of Private Transportation

Read the benefits and drawbacks of Private transport for traveling,

Benefits of Private Transport

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using private Transportation,

  • Using private transport can save a longer period of time as your private driver will take you to the shortest possible route.
  • You can explore as much as you can at your own convenience and visit places where public transport services cannot reach, like some of the remote areas, etc. You can take your vehicle to any of your desired places.
  • Opting for private Transportation will provide you with a secure, reliable, and safer experience of traveling.
  • Private transport is a time-saving mode of Transportation; you don’t need to wait for a bus at a bus stop or anywhere else. You can plan your own schedule.
  • While traveling in your comfort zone, private Transportation is the best means of Transportation then. For example, in case of an emergency, if anyone is feeling uneasy while traveling, then you can stop and can consult a doctor.

Drawbacks of Private Transport

  • While using Private Transport, you have to face local traffic plus the traffic due to tourists which can create a gasping environment during Traveling.
  • Private Transportation will turn your expenditure rate high. As the cost of fueling and maintenance is increasing every day constantly. Also, the maintenance charges also increase your bill.
  • You are responsible for polluting the environment and increment in the amount of greenhouse gases.
  • Getting Private Transport services in remote areas is quite next to impossible.

What is Public Transport?

Public Transport is the mode of Transportation which is open to all; anyone can get easily accessed it. There are millions of people who use Public Transport as their medium for traveling from one place to another.

The system of Public Transport facilitates increased physical activity in the form of walking or bicycles during the trips, which can cure numerous chronic ailments. You have to reach your tourist places by walking a certain distance.

It’s an equitable solution for today’s urban mobility. As many people will use Public Transport Services, fewer people will take their personal vehicles on the road resulting in fewer traffic jams.

While travelling using Public means of Transportation, you can socialise yourself with the local people of the place and can connect with their communities in the best possible way.

Examples of Public Transport services

  • Some of the Public Transport services are listed below:
  • Auto-rickshaws
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Subways
  • Cable Cars
  • Street Cars
  • Paratransit service, especially for senior citizens or persons with disabilities.

Advantageous and Disadvantages of Public Transport

Pros of Public Transport

  • Using Public Transport can save your money compared to expenses while using a personal vehicle, just pay a minimal amount of ticket. You can use that amount to explore any other tourist attractions.
  • Public Transport services are always on time with traveling routes, you can catch it and can save your time to visit the time-restricted places.
  • If more and more people adopt this mode of Transportation, there will be fewer traffic jams on the roads and less wastage of fuel.
  • This can be the best option for visiting the place where parking-related problems are there.
  • Public Transport services are environment friendly, you are contributing to lesser depletion of natural resources and lesser emissions of harmful gases.

Cons of Public Transport services

  • Due to cheaper prices of tickets, the place gets overcrowded, which can cause suffocation and increased chances of getting communication diseases.
  • You have to plan your schedule according to the schedule of arrival and departure of the buses or trains. In case you are late, then you have to wait for the next one.
  • During any emergency situation, they can’t help you in any way since they are stuck to their fixed route.
  • It becomes more challenging to travel with excessive luggage in Public Transport services. Also, if you have a child with you, then also it can create hustle while travelling.

Which one is better for a hill station, Public Transportation or using your own Car?

While traveling to hilly areas, it’s quite important to keep necessary points in mind like the climatic conditions, geographical Knowledge, etc.

Many of the hilly areas are there where Public Transport can’t help out the visitors. They will drop you at a quite long distance prior to your destination. In that case, it becomes hard and challenging to reach out there.

Unlike this, if you are in your own vehicle, then it will be an amazing journey for you to cheer. Just with your vehicle, lush greenery all around, relaxing blue sky at the top with cold weather will give you immense pleasure throughout the journey. You can travel at your own pace, stop wherever you want to capture the scenic beauty of the place, you can go anywhere with your vehicle, including the places which are out of the reach of Public Transport services.

Although, there are a few points which should be kept in mind while traveling with your vehicle in hilly areas, like being careful while driving as the land can be undulated and wearing proper clothes according to climatic conditions of the region.

Author’s Opinion

In conclusion, both means of transportation have pros and cons. Looking at Public Transportation vs Private Transportation,

  • Private Transportation practically has more benefits than public buses and all. But, Public Transport is environment friendly and contributes less to pollution.
  • Buying or hiring a car is not affordable for everyone, so a basic Public Transportation service is a need for the community.
  • On the basis of your comfort zone, you can figure out which one is better for Public Vs Private Transport. If your comfort is above money, then you can pay an extra amount to get it.
  • As the price of fuel is increasing, it becomes quite tough to go for private vehicles, and people are demanding high mileage. Cost can be one of the correct reasons to choose between Public Vs Private Transportation.
  • If you haven’t planned the way and mode for traveling or your flights got late or canceled in hilly areas, you can opt for Public Transport, it’s nothing wrong in doing that.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Why should we use Public Transport instead of personal vehicles?

    Using Public Transport instead of personal vehicles will be a smarter and wiser decision. It will cost less, resulting in fewer traffic jams and less pollution and will drop you at your desired stop at times.

  2. Which is safer: Public Transport or Private Transport?

    Public Transport is safer as compared to Private Transport as it carries many passengers together in an efficient manner.

  3. What are the problems with Public Transport?

    Public Transport services get overcrowded, which becomes unhygienic during the post-COVID situation; you have to schedule your day according to their schedules.

  4. Why is Public Transport better?

    Public Transport services are punctual and always drop off passengers on time; tickets are affordable and give better exposure to local communities.

  5. Why is Private Transport better than Public Transport?

    Private Transport is better because you can travel at your own pace and convenience. You can plan your trip regardless of any other schedule.

  6. What is the difference between Public and Private Transport?

    The basic difference between Public Vs Private Transport is that Public Transport is open to everyone and Private Transport can be accessed by the owner only or by the group.

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