Shiv Khera Net Worth, Wiki, Career, Life-Story

If you love to listen to motivational and personal development speeches, you might have heard about Shiv Khera. Even if you don’t know about him, don’t worry. I’ll tell you who he is, what he does, and what Shiv Khera Net worth is.

He is a world-renowned Motivational speaker, a business consultant, and a renowned author. He comes from a business family who used to own coal mines. He also got himself involved in politics. He founded the Bharti Rashtravadi Samanata Party in 2008.

However, before this, he stood as an independent candidate in Indian General Election held in 2004 from the South Delhi constituency. He is also an international best-selling author, his book “You Can Win”, which he wrote in 1998, is the most popular one, and more than 4 million copies of this book have been sold.

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There are many more interesting things to know about him. So, let’s get to reading and gain more insight into his life.

Shiv Khera Biography

Although Shiv Khera is a renowned motivational speaker, activist, and famous author, he wasn’t always like this. He came from a middle-class family and paved his path to where he is today. Let’s see what his early looked like.

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Shiv Khera Net Worth
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Personal Life of Mr. Khera

Born on 23 August 1961, Shiv Khera belonged to a business family that used to have coal mines. He is from Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India.

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He completed his education in Punjab. To pursue his degree in mechanical engineering, he went to Bangalore University. Speaking of his personal life. Not much is revealed by him about his personal life. However, some sources have revealed that he has been married for several years and has a daughter.

 Full Name Shiv Khera
Birth Date 23 August 1961
  Birthplace Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India
  Profession Author, Profession speaker.
  Grow Up at Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India
Age as in 2023 61 Years
Sign of the Zodiac Virgo

 Education of Shiv Khera

He completed his schooling in Punjab, India, and pursued a degree from Shree Ram College of Commerce. However, he didn’t complete his studies and dropped out of college, and moved on to become a sales and marketing employee.

Later his passion led him to gain further knowledge in personal development and motivation. He did a certification in leadership, personal development, and motivation from Dale Carnegie Institute and National Speaker Association in the United States.

The career of Shiv Khera

His family used to own coal mines, but soon after the nationalization of coal mines by the Indian government, he had to look for ways to earn money. His first job was as a car washer in the United States. Followed by an alife-insurance agent and, at last, a franchise operator before he finally became a motivational speaker. After that, he went on to become a successful insurance agent. And later got an opportunity to establish his own company, Qualified Learning Systems. The company provides several training programs, from leadership to personal development and motivation.

He published his book. You Can Win in 1998, which was a breakthrough for his career. More than 4 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide, and this book has been translated into several different languages.

“You Can Win” is a self-help guide that helps people focus on developing a positive attitude and realizing their self-worth. This book is a perfect fit for people who want some motivation to succeed in their life. Undoubtedly, the book has become a best seller and is considered one of the classics in the genre of self-help books.

You can win is not the only book written by Shiv. After the success of you can win, he went on to write several other books, including” Freedom is not free”,” You can sell”, and “Living with Honour” Other than writing books. He also conducts seminars and workshops on motivation, personal development, and leadership not only in India but all over the world.

He has been to more than 20 countries worldwide to conduct seminars. Until they passed, they motivated millions to achieve their dream life. He is considered one of the best keynote speakers at educational institutions, business conferences and other events.

Shiv Khera books

When it comes to his books, he is one of the best authors in the field of the self-help genre. You can find a wide variety in his books, from personal development to self-help. His books are praised by many and impact people from all over the world.

Shiv Khera Net Worth
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  1. You can win– It was published in 1998 and is one of the most famous books written by Shiv Khera. As mentioned earlier, More than 4 million copies of this book have been sold, And it has been translated into several different languages worldwide.
  2. Living with Honor– This book was published in 2003. The book focuses on the Importance of living with honour and integrity. It enlists the qualities of a true leader and how to achieve your goals to become a successful person.
  3. “You Can Sell”– the book was published in 2005. It’s an extensive guide to sales and marketing. It focuses on relationship building, objection handling and closing sales.
  4. “Freedom Is Not Free”-was Published in 2007. The book is a tribute to the Indian armed forces and their sacrifices. It encourages patriotism and talks about the Importance of patriotism and why it is necessary to protect Freedom and the nation’s values.
  5. “Positive Thinking” – This book got published in 2012. A thorough handbook for establishing a cheerful outlook. Knowing how to control and eliminate negative emotions or ideas can be helpful.
  6. “You Can Achieve More”– with a publication date of 2018, this book is what its name suggests. Its primary objective is to help people develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed in their careers. It teaches the power of consistency and self-discipline.

 Shiv Khera Net Worth

Like other famous personalities, Shiv Khera’s Net Worth is not revealed. However, it can always be estimated. Keeping in mind Shiv Khera is an Indian author and was also a best-selling author, we can assume he makes a good fortune from writing nooks. He is also active on various social media platforms, including Youtube. He is also involved in Indian Politics and conducts seminars worldwide. Many sources estimated Shiv Khera Net worth to be between $8 million and USD 10 Million.

Awards and Achievements

Being one of the best speakers, it’s obvious that he has been appreciated a lot for his contributions to society. He has won a lot of awards over the years. I’ve enlisted here Some of his greatest awards and achievements.

Shiv Khera Net Worth
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  • Padma Shri Award – Shiv Khera was awarded the Padma Shri Award in 2019. It is one of the highest civilian awards in India. He was awarded this for his contribution to education and literature.
  • Lifetime achievement award – The Lifetime achievement award by Rotary International in 2015 for his contribution to motivation and personal development.
  • Global Leadership Award– He was honoured with this award in 2017. By the world HRD.Congress for his contribution to the field of motivation and leadership.
  • Author of the Year award – In 2017, he received another award, “The Author of the Year award by Limca Book of Records for his book “you can achieve more.”
  • Honorary Doctorate – Shiv Khera Received an honorary from the University of Cambodia In 2016 for his contribution to leadership and education.
  • Best-selling author – his book you can win sold more than 4,000,000 copies. It is translated into several different languages worldwide. And it continues to impact people even today.
  • One of his biggest achievements is finding the Institute of Leadership and Excellence, which focuses on providing education and training to underprivileged children. He is also part of various charitable organizations and initiatives.
  • He also founded “Country First Foundation”, a social activist organization that aims to ensure Freedom through education and justice.


Shiv Khera is a motivational speaker and the founder of the Shiv Khera Institute of Leadership and Excellence(SKILE). This non-profit organization focuses on educating underprivileged children and young adults about personal development and leadership skills And empowering them to become responsible and successful leaders.

SKILE has a range of programmes and initiatives, such as igniting the MINDS programme, which focuses on training children from rural areas and developing leadership skills. It also helps them in improving their self-confidence and develop life skills.

Another programme Is named. Vision 2030. It aims at developing the leadership skills of young adults. The other areas. The programme focuses on Entrepreneurship, Social responsibility and overall personal development.

In addition to this, SKILE also focuses on.Providing.Scholarships and financial support.To underprivileged students who perform well academically and have leadership potential.

To sum it up, the Shiv Khera Institute of Leadership and Excellence is committed to providing a better future to underprivileged children and helping the nation develop by giving it the best leaders.

Shiv Khera Quotes

Shiv Khera is a motivational speaker who gave us some of the best quotes on Success. His quotes have inspired people to realize their self-worth and not give up on their dreams. His speech always aims at promoting positive thinking.

Shiv Khera Net Worth
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Here are some of Shiv Khera’s famous quotes on success

  • “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”
  • “Success is not an accident. It is a choice.”
  • “Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.”
  • “Success is not about being the best. It’s about always getting better.”
  • “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”
  • “Success is not just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”
  • “Success is a journey, not a destination. It requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication.”
  • “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive, and passion, it’s possible to achieve your dreams.”
  • “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”
  • “To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.”

Here are some of the positive thinking Shiv Khera quotes:

  • “Positive thinking leads to positive actions, and positive actions lead to positive results.”
  • “Your thoughts create your reality. Think positive, and positive things will happen.”
  • “Positive thinking is not about ignoring problems or challenges, but about facing them with a positive attitude and mindset.”
  • “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience.”
  • “Positive thinking is a powerful force that can transform your life. It can help you overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and live a fulfilling life.”
  • “Positive thinking is not just a mindset, it’s a way of life. It requires discipline, practice, and a commitment to excellence.”
  • “Positive thinking is not a guarantee of Success, but it is a necessary ingredient for Success. Without a positive mindset, Success is unlikely.”
  • “Your thoughts are like the seeds you plant in your mind. Plant positive thoughts, and you will reap a harvest of positive results.”
  • “Positive thinking is contagious. When you think positive, you inspire others to do the same.”
  • “Positive thinking is a choice. Choose to think positive, and you will create a positive life.”

  Social Media Presence

Social media presence is strong. He’s active on various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.You can find videos, motivational quotes and messages on important leadership and personal development on social media handles. He has over 5,000,000 followers on Facebook. To connect with his audience, he often conducts Q&A sessions on Facebook. Social media platforms as though he has over 100k followers.

Shiv Khera Net Worth
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Undoubtedly, Shiv Khera has come a long way and paved his path, and created a name for himself. Starting as a car washer and becoming a renowned figure takes a lot.

Today, Shiv Khera’s net worth is estimated to be over USD 8 million, and he is not only a motivational speaker but also an activist, a business consultant, an entrepreneur, and an author. And to reach here, he has overcome many challenges in life.

All his books are impactful, showing he is a good author and deserves to be a best-seller author. If you had to pick one, his book “You Can Win” should be your pick. He is known for his speaking style and his ability to connect with his audience and leave an impact on them and their lives. He has even received Padma Shri Award for his contributions.

Padma Shri is India’s fourth-highest civilian award. He actively participates in social causes and also runs his own NGO. Overall, Shiv Khera is a perfect mentor for anyone who wants to be successful in their life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Shiv Khera?

Ans: Shiv Khera is a well-known motivational speaker, Indian author, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his book “You Can Win.”

Q2: How old is Shiv Khera?

Ans: Shiv Khera was born on 23 August 1961. He is now 60 years old.

Q3: Where is Shiv Khera?

Ans: We know Shiv Khera is from Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India

Q4: What is the Success of Shiv Khera?

Ans: Shiv Khera states, “Success is a journey, not a destination. It requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication.”

Q5: Who wrote You Can Win?

Ans: Shiv Khera is the author of “You can Win.” This book is one of his best sellers.

Q6: Which is the first book of Shiv Khera?   

Ans: It’s none other than “You Can Win.” More than 4 million copies of this book have been sold and translated into various languages.

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