Vipul Goyal Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

There is a popular saying that if you can dream of something, you can achieve it, and some people prove this quote word by word. One of the perfect examples of this is the Indian Comedian Vipul Goyal.

Born in Rajasthan in 1896, Vipul Goyal started working in a retail business, but his will to pursue his passion made him switch his career. And he is a famous stand-up comedian, renowned writer, and actor today. 

I’ve got for you Vipul Goyal Wiki so that you get to know everything in one place instead of searching about him here and there. From his early life to his first career, from his first open mic to creating his show, I’ve covered everything in this post. You will also find some interesting facts about him and his greatest achievements.

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Consider checking out the faq section to satisfy your curiosity, which throws some obvious questions about Vipul Goyal. So, without wasting any more time, let’s read Vipul Goyal’s Wiki and learn more about him.

Vipul Goyal Wiki/Bio

If you are a fan of Vipul Goyal or admire his works and want to know more about him, it only makes sense that you start by knowing where he came from before knowing what he is today. Let’s take a look at Vipul Goyal’s wiki.

vipul goyal Wiki
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Early Life of Vipul Goyal

Born and brought in Vipul Goyal was Born and brought up in a small Pali district, Falna, in Rajasthan. Although he belongs to the royal city of Rajasthan, he comes from an ordinary Rajasthani family.

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He was born in 1986 on the 14th of April. Vipul is not the only child of his parents. He has two siblings, a sister and a brother named Dhriti Goyal and Atul Goyal, respectively.

  Full Name Vipul Goyal
 Nickname Vipul
 Nationality Indian
Birthplace Falna, Rajasthan, India
Gender Male
  Profession Comedian, Actor, Writer

 Vipul Goyal Education

He completed his schooling at St. Mary’s High School in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. After that, he pursued electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. It is considered as one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in India. He participated in multiple events conducted in his college as organizing cultural events. Such events helped him with stage fright and build his public speaking skills.

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Soon he got into the retail business, which he pursued for six months before finally calling it quits and choosing his passion to be his career. It was a brave decision since he had no prior knowledge of the comedy field.

The Career of Vipul Goyal

Although he is a famous comedian now, he started his career in a retail business and paved his way into the glamour industry. Since his college days, he had a thing for comedy. Like many famous stand-up comedians, he started his comedy career by performing at open mics. He first performed at open-mic nights in Delhi.

 At that time, he was still working in a retail business. Soon enough audience started liking his acts, and he got a taste of stardom which made him land a show in 2014 named “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”. He became a finalist but unfortunately wasn’t able to win the show.

 Vipul Goyal Wiki
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However, the popularity and exposure gained from the show put him way ahead in his comedy career. He started performing at various comedy shows and events such as Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Singapore Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and many more.

But he didn’t stop there. He went on and create and acted in his web series named “Humorously Yours.” The series undoubtedly became a huge hit, taking his popularity further. He has also tried his hands at writing along with performing in various shows like “Engineering Girls” and “Indian Comedy Club.”

Vipul Goyal’s Net Worth

Looking at his works and success over the years, it’s quite predictable that he has accumulated much wealth. Moreover, his sources of income are not only limited to comedy, but he also has other sources, including working as an actor and writer in TV shows and web series.

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In addition, he is also connected with a few brands and is a brand ambassador of those. He also does brand promotions through social media, significantly contributing to his income.

Looking at all these, it’s obvious that he earns a lot of money, but it’s hard to estimate his exact net worth. Some sources put his net worth somewhere around $1 million. However, it needs to be confirmed.

Awards and Achievements

Over the years, Vipul Goyal has gained a lot of popularity and success in the Comedy World, and it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that he must have crossed many milestones and won many awards for the same. Some of these include.

 Vipul Goyal Wiki
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  • One of my first achievements was becoming a finalist in “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” in 2014.
  • He won the Best Actor in a Comic Role Award in 2017 at the Web Talkies Awards for his performance in “Humorously Yours.”
  • Followed by the Best Writer Award in 2018 at the IWm Digital Awards for the web series “Engineering Girls.”
  • In 2020, He received an Award from Filmfare OTT for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in the web series “Inside Edge 2.”

Keeping these awards aside, he is also recognized for his contributions to the society. He actively participated in charitable initiatives and donated his earnings to support various causes. He even received a Young Achiever award in 2019 for his philanthropic work at the National Achievers conference.

Vipul Goyal Shows

Understandably, he has participated in many shows and has performed at various events. Let’s take a look at his most popular works.

 Vipul Goyal Wiki
Credit: Image from: Instragram

  • In 2014, he participated in his first Tv show named “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”, and he became the finalist.
  • He explored his creative abilities and created his web series on the life of struggling comedians who wanted to become successful in the field. The show was named” Humorously Yours.” The audience accepted it well because it realistically portrayed the struggle of the comedians.
  • Another one of his shows which gained a lot of popularity is the one he wrote. It was named “Engineering Girls.” The show is based on the lives of three female engineering students and their college experience.
  • This was followed by his other work, where he had to work as a writer and even perform. It’s none other than “Indian Comedy Club”. It was a TV show featuring several Indian stand-up comedians who wanted to kickstart their careers.

Social Media Presence of Vipul Goyal

He is quite active on Social media and has a lot of fan following on various social media platforms. You can often see his daily life and upcoming shows on his social media accounts. He is active on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and even on Instagram. He has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, over one million followers on Twitter, and over 2 lakh followers on instagram and Facebook.

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 Some Interesting Facts about Vipul Goyal

Here are some fun and interesting facts about Vipul Goyal

  • He worked in a retail business for six months before entering the Comedy industry.
  • He first performed at open-mic nights in Delhi, where the talent scout noticed his work and offered him to be part of “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” show.
  • He is not only a comedian, but he has worked as an actor and writer too.
  • He is the co-founder of “The Viral Fever.”
  • He is a social activist who greatly contributes to society and its well-being.
  • He enjoys keeping active and is a fitness enthusiast.
  • In his free time, he likes to watch movies or read books.
  • Vipul is an animal lover, especially a dog. He even has a pet dog named Coco.


Vipul Goyal has achieved significant success and popularity in his comedy career. Not only as a comedian, he also strived to succeed in writing and acting. We must remember his contributions to the entertainment industry when discussing the Vipul Goyal Wiki. The fans love him for his work as an artist and as a social activist. Apart from being a great comedian, writer, and actor, he is a great citizen.

 Vipul Goyal Wiki
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Over the years, he has performed in various events and shows, including in India and abroad. He has unique humour, combining his satires and storytelling skills, making him a unique comedian. If you want to know more about him and his life update, you can follow him on his social media handles, where he is quite active. He uses social media to his advantage to connect with his fans and promote his works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Vipul Goyal from IIT?

Ans: Yes, Vipul Goyal is from IIT. He graduated from IIT, Bombay, with an engineering degree.

Q2: Where is Vipul Goyal from?

Ans: Vipul Goyal is from Falna, a small town in Pali district in Rajasthan, India.

Q3: Is Vipul Goyal married?

Yes, Vipul Goyal is married. He tied the knot with Nancy Gupta back in 2014. The couple is rumoured to be dating since their college life, and Nancy is his first love.

Q4: Who is Vipul Goyal’s wife?

Ans: Nancy Gupta is Vipul Goyal’s wife. She is a dentist by profession. The couple is blessed with two children. You can often spot his family in his social media posts.

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