What is a Travel Document Number & Passport?

Many of us may be traveling internationally for the first time. We worry ourselves to death, thinking of whether we possess the right documents. Only if we had someone to help us with what is expected of us by the immigration authorities would we be able to sleep better.

This article is an eye-opener for all of you who are venturing abroad for the first time. Although it does not cover the finer details of each document, it still does justice in giving you a fair idea of the documents you need to keep on your trips. The absence of one of them may result in unnecessary harassment at the border. Let’s start,

What is a Travel document Number?

A travel document number comprises a table of numericals found on important official documents. This number is generally seen on passports, visas, and forms needed for travel.

It goes without saying that travel documents are very crucial. The travel document number imprinted on the official documents helps decide whether you have the necessary permission to travel overseas.

●     U.S. Passport: An U.S. passport bears a 6-to-9-digit character. The character includes both numbers as well as alphabets. 

●     U.S. Visa: The U.S. Visa has an 8-digit character imprinted on it. Out of it, 7 are in number form, and only one is a letter. 

Green Card: A green card, on the other hand, has 13 characters printed on it. Out of these, 3 are letters, whereas 10 are in numbers.

Classification of Important Travel Documents

 It is important to have a clear notion of the various documents needed to travel outside the U.S. To help you understand better, we have tried to briefly explain the important travel documents. 

1. Passport

We are all aware of a passport’s importance during a trip abroad. In fact, traveling without a passport is not possible. 

It is the first and foremost thing we must carry on our trip. A passport is generally issued by your home country. It helps in the process of identification and verification as well. 

Importance of passport

We can compare a passport to a key. A key is needed to open the door of your house. Similarly, a passport is your key to passing through the mandatory checking of customs and immigration authorities of your own country and your host country.

Likewise, you also need a visa for the country you intend to visit. To be eligible for a visa, a passport is a must. Without a passport, the grant of a visa is rejected.

It is to be kept in the back of one’s mind that although a passport allows you to enter a foreign land, the amount of time you spend there is determined by your visa. 

How to apply for a passport?

To be eligible for a passport, you must match the essential requirements. Then and then, only a passport will be issued. In the U.S., the passport is issued by the Department of State. While making the application for the grant of a passport includes all relevant documents.

Travel document number on a passport

Search the upper right-hand corner of the passport. It contains your picture along with the passport number. This is a 9-digit number. The number is also referred to as the travel document number.

2. Visa

Barring a few countries, most countries require a visa to enter their shores. Visas are issued by the country’s citizenship and immigration authorities. In the U.S., a visa is given by the USCIS. They are the ones who decide on the legitimate applicants for the grant of visa. 

Importance of visa

Many people have different reasons for traveling abroad. The purpose of the visa determines the duration and terms of the stay in the foreign land. A passport by itself may not be sufficient. It is the visa that comes in handy in such circumstances. 

Tourists are asked to show their passports when landing overseas. If the passport does not meet the needs for visa-free entry, the authorities may demand to see your visa. So a visa is no less important than a passport. 

How to procure a visa?

Visit the consulate or embassy of the country you intend to travel to. Make an application for the visa. The purpose of your travel will determine the type of visa you require.

There are two types of visas – tourist and employment visas. Tourists’ visas are generally given to tourists, and employment visas are given to those planning to work overshoe. 

To get a visa, your paperwork must be up-to-date, relevant documents must be filed, and you must be an eligible candidate according to the interview board.

Travel document number on visa – The visa no. It is generally printed in red. The number is found in the lower right corner. This no. Is nothing else by the travel document No.

3. Green card

A green card is issued by the U.S. government to those who have already attained permanent legal status. This card is handed over after the proper formalities and requirements are met.

Importance of Green card

A green card does not hold the same status as a passport. It can never be at par with the passport. It implies that the possessor is a permanent resident and cannot be evacuated. 

However, the holder of a green card is obliged to retain the passport of his birth country. This is his only passport to travel freely outside the U.S.A. 

A Green card is particularly useful for overseas travel. It is one of the foremost documents you must carry on your trip. 

How to procure a green card?

A green card is issued to those who possess the necessary credentials to be citizens of the U.S. To have a green card, you must adhere to the strict guidelines dictated by the immigration authorities. 

After obtaining a visa to enter the U.S.A., you must fill up a type I -94 form the moment you set forth on U.S. soil. 

Travel document no. on a green card

The green card is nothing but the travel document no. It is found on the back of the green card. 

Parting Thought

We hope this article may have cleared your doubts regarding travel document numbers. And the importance of various travel documents. It is very important to carry these documents every time you go on overseas trips.

People Also Ask For

Can a travel document be equivalent to a passport?

A travel document is nothing but an identification provided by the government of the respective country to enable its citizens to travel freely. A passport is a type of travel document. In fact, it is a widely acclaimed travel document.

Name the 3 types of travel documents?

The 3 types of travel documents are passport, visa, and Green card. 

Is a travel document number. Same as that of passport document number?

The no found on the passport is generally the same as that found on the travel document. But often, the number on the card is not identical to the passport booklet. The travel document no. Mentioned on the passport is not the same. 

Are travel documents expensive to procure?

The cost of procuring a travel document is not the same throughout the world. For instance, if we take the case of the U.S., the expense of acquiring an adult passport is $110 and whereas that of a minor is $80. In addition, you will be charged an application fee of $35.

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