15+ Best Places to Visit Near Chennai for Couples

 Within 200 kilometers of Chennai, numerous attractions can be enthralling and provide some priceless experiences. I’ve planned a quick getaway from the city’s chaos for an enjoyable vacation amidst the stunning scenery.

Working as an employee in the company is monotonous and exhausting. To escape this frantic lifestyle, I’ve decided to plan fun, relaxing, and quick trips around Chennai.

I enjoyed the amazing vistas that nature offers, engaging in some exciting adventures, trying the local cuisine, and visiting their well-known landmarks.

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I’ve researched, analyzed, and organized one day trip in Chennai with my partner. Here are some best places to visit near Chennai for Couples.

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Best Places to Visit Near Chennai for Couples

There are several beautiful, romantic, and best places near Chennai for couples that would make for a perfect gateway for couples.

(1) Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram, an ancient city in Tamil Nadu, is a well-known tourist destination 200 kilometers away from Chennai.

It’s amazing to see the ancient temples standing strong and retaining their natural beauty at this picturesque location.

It has a unique ambiance draws pilgrims from all over, especially Shaivists and Vaishnavites.

I’ve also passed through the handlooms, where it can be seen how the people in the area weave fine silk.

Highlights include the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, Kailasanathar Temple, Devarajaswami Temple, and Ekambareswarar Temple.

The well-known South Indian plate, which includes delights like Rasam, Sweet Pongal, Payasam, Sambhar, Idli, Vada, and Dosa, cannot be missed. In addition to these, I’ve also tried the famous “fourteen Idli.”

(2) Mahabalipuram

The area is dotted with historic buildings and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with exceptional architectural splendor.

I was astounded by the magnificent monoliths and the intriguing stone carvings on the temples.

Another place to sit and relax was the immaculate beach. The journey to the Mahabalipuram Lighthouse would be fascinating.

Highlights include the Pandava Rathas, Shore Temple, Mahishasuramardini Cave, Varaha Temple, and Open Air Museum in Mahabalipuram.

56 kilometers separates you from Chennai.

Grilled fish, vegetarian thali, prawns, lobster, crab, appam, vada, upma sambar, sweet pongal, kesari, payasam, and other dishes are included in their South Indian platter.

(3) Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary

This lagoon, the second-largest brackish water body, includes the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary.

All avid bird watchers should visit this location because many exotic birds migrate to the lake during the winter. The lagoon has a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Frequently, kingfishers, flamingos, storks, and a variety of other species can be seen when sitting by the lake.

Water sports can be tried by thrill seekers, while boating around the lake will provide a relaxing vacation for everyone else from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Highlights include the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary, the lake itself, trekking excursions, and aquatic activities.

60 kilometers separates you from Chennai.

(4) V.G.P. Golden Beach

One of the many tourist destinations in Chennai, 200 km away, where visitors swarm each year to spend quality time with their loved ones, is V.G.P. Golden Beach.

 The beach is ideal for leisurely walks and swims because of its sun-bleached sand grains, which provide a spectacular view of the Bay of Bengal.

Numerous challenging water activities are offered here, attracting fans from all over.

The private beach is home to the VGP Universal Kingdom, an amusement park. You can anticipate unwinding, taking in the sea breeze, and admiring the breathtaking sight of the pure sea.

The VGP 2000 Millennium Tower, the Statue of Man, and adventure sports are highlights.

It is separated by 23 kilometers from Chennai.

(5) Covelong Beach

The turquoise waves of the Bay of Bengal shoreline will greet you with open arms. If you’re looking for peace, travel to Covelong Beach, which is the perfect setting for renewing the spirit.

Here, surfing is popular, and beginners can enroll in surfing schools to begin an exciting experience.

The nearby historic church, which stands on the seaside, is a significant draw.

Coconut palms surround the area, giving it a seductive beauty that appeals to people of all ages.

Highlights: An old Dutch fort here was transformed into an opulent resort. The beach has a church, a mosque, and a temple. Here, surfers also practice.

It is 40 kilometers from Chennai.

(6) Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

The lush terrain, which covers an area of 74 acres and includes several tiny water bodies, is a rich source of wildlife.

Every winter, over 40,000 migrating birds come to this picturesque haven.

Consequently, to photograph these endangered birds, be prepared with your camera. On your jungle safari, in addition to seeing a wide variety of birds, you’ll also see jackals, jungle cats, black-naped hares, and other wildlife. Being true to its name, which translates to “hamlet of the hunter,” a trip to the sanctuary will undoubtedly leave lasting impressions.

Highlights: The bird sanctuary is home to a large population of migratory birds, and the serene setting includes a beautiful lake.

75 kilometers separate you from Chennai.

(7) Nagalapuram

One of the fascinating locations is Nagalapuram, where a number of temples decorated with exquisite architecture can be found. The grandeur of the buildings will astound you, and you may see the Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu here.

A scenic trip through the Eastern Ghats jungle can be taken to reach the magnificent Nagalapuram waterfall, which also draws in adventure enthusiasts. The expansive views of lush vegetation give the serene location a distinct charm. The stunning pools and gorges enhance the natural splendor you will see on the great walk.

Highlights include Nagalapuram Falls and Vedanarayana Temple.

It’s about 72 kilometers away from Chennai.

(8) Ubbalamadugu Falls

Tada Falls, also known as Ubbalamadugu Falls, is a popular tourist destination that draws hikers and campers throughout the nation.

 It will be mesmerizing to see the falling waterfall meandering through the jagged rocks.

During the Lord Shiva-related festivals, many pilgrims bathe in the little pool located at the waterfall’s base. Every city inhabitant will occasionally enjoy the sight of running streams as they journey through the deep forest to Tada Falls.

Spend the night here camping and marvel at the beautiful starry night casting its spell on you.

It is 92 kilometers away from Chennai.

(9) Pondicherry

One of the few tourist destinations within 200 kilometers of Chennai is Pondicherry, where you can relax. The town, formerly a French colony, welcomes you with its intriguing colonial architecture and streets lined with inviting cafés encouraging you to try some delectable French foods and beverages.

View a stunning sunset at Paradise Beach as the Bay of Bengal’s azure waters stretches out in front of you.

Visit the Aurobindo Ashram, a spiritual center renowned throughout the world.

Among the highlights are the French War Memorial, Chunnambar Boat House, Paradise Beach, Seaside Promenade, Serenity Beach, and many other locations.

165 km away from Chennai.

Baguettes, croissants, Italian baked beans, stuffed cabbage, and many other dishes are among the most well-liked offerings here.

(10) Srikalahasti

Srikalahasti, which is 200 kilometers from Chennai, is a sacred destination that draws large numbers of pilgrims each year.

 The town, steeped in history, is renowned for its calm atmosphere and draws visitors with its magnificent temples and architectural splendor.

Here, the famed Kalamkari art flourishes, and you may pick up some priceless paintings as mementos. The unique residence of the God of Vayu, the SriKalahasti Temple’s exquisite carvings are a visual pleasure.

 In addition to its religious significance, Srikalahasti will show you its beautiful landscapes and cascading waterfalls.

Highlights include the Tada Falls, Gudimallam, Sahasra Linga Temple, Sri Kalahasteeswara Temple, and Sri Kalahasti Kalamkari art.

116 kilometers away from Chennai.

Popular foods like Dosa, Vada, Idli, Appam, Sambhar, Rasam, Payassam, and others are available.

(11) Talakona Waterfalls

Take advantage of Talakona Waterfalls if you wish to witness one of the highest waterfalls in the nation in its majestic beauty.

The river cascades smoothly, and everyone enjoys its refreshing beauty as it is nestled among thick vegetation.

The trip to the Talakona waterfalls will provide you with sweeping views of lush valleys and is rife with hiking routes.

 You can stay some nights in the rainforest guest houses and enjoy the variety of flora and fauna found in the nearby woodlands.

Highlights include the Talakona Waterfalls hike, Lord Siddeswara Swamy Temple, and Sri Venkateswara National Park.

It is 190 kilometers away from Chennai.

(12) Tirupati

Within 200 km of Chennai, Tirupati is one of the most popular tourist destinations. As soon as you step foot in this historic Indian town, you’ll be awed by its rich cultural heritage.

The town is made livelier by the crazed crowds of pilgrims at the Venkateswara Temple, and you will be in awe of the location’s majesty.

This area, dotted with other temples, will be perfect for you to begin a spiritual journey while also providing you with a deeper understanding of our nation’s rich traditions.

All travelers should visit the Silathoranam, famous for its natural rock formations.

Highlights include the Akasaganga Teertham, Silathoranam, Swami Pushkarini Lake, and Sri Venkateswara Temple.

133 miles away from Chennai.

Sweet rice, dosas, rava khichdi, tomato rice, lemon rice, and a variety of sweets, including halwa, payasam, sheermal, ladoo, and kaja, are among the dishes that are often consumed in Tirupati.

(13) Yelagiri

The mosque, church, and temple inside the fort—all renowned for their artistic elegance—are famed for their secularism.

The city is dotted with holy places and historical sites. Yelagiri is a well-known hill station still covered in various shades of green.

Highlights include the Vellore Fort, Yelagiri, the Roman Catholic Diocese, Ratnagiri Temple, and numerous retail districts.

139 miles separate you from Chennai.

(14) Chandragiri

Chandragiri is one of the notable historical tourist destinations within 200 km of Chennai that is renowned for its imposing forts and opulent palaces.

The Chandragiri Fort’s architectural magnificence will leave you speechless inside the fort’s grounds, and its rich past will enlighten you.

As you stroll around the former fort’s leafy corridors, several beautiful temples will come into view. A few walking trails also go to the fort so adventurers can set off on a special excursion.

Chandragiri Fort, Raj Mahal, and Rani Mahal are the highlights.

145 miles away from Chennai.

(15) Sripuram

Sripuram’s magnificent golden temple is located on 100 acres of land. It is one of the most famous temples in southern India, welcoming worshipers from all backgrounds and religions.

The temple’s artistic grandeur and pure gold gilding will astound you, and the spiritual teachings etched into its walls will undoubtedly educate you.

Along with other gods, including Goddess Laksmi, the Maha Kumbhabhishekam is the primary deity at this place.

Highlights include temple architecture and the Golden Temple.

It is 150 kilometers away from Chennai.

(16) Thiruvannamalai

One of the well-known tourist destinations near Chennai within 200 km is Thiruvannamalai, which is situated in the picturesque foothills of the Anamalai range.

It is highly regarded as an important Hindu pilgrimage place, draws Shaivites from all around, and is well-known for its historic temples.

The stunning Anamalai Hills serve as the backdrop, and from their crest, you can see the verdant landscape below you.

Highlights include Tirumalai, the Anamalai Hills, and the Annamalaiyar Temple.

It is 194 kilometers away from Chennai.

Idli, Dosa, Chutney, Vada, Sambhar, Rasam, Upma, Sweet Pongal, Payassam, and Kesari make up the standard South Indian plate.

(17) Chittoor

Chittoor is the ideal synthesis of cultural significance and natural beauty, appealing to aesthetic and spiritual seekers.

Visit the Horsley Hills and Nagari Hills, recognized for their breathtaking views, to revive your worn-out thoughts.

A safari is a must in Chittoor’s Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to a wide range of animals.

 You can also set off on a beautiful hike to the Gurramkonda Fort, previously home to Tipu Sultan.

Horsley Hills, Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Gurramkonda Fort, Nagari Hills, Mogili, and Ramgiri are some of the highlights.

160 miles separate Chennai from there.

With a variety of gravies and, dry meat, simple rice. Another well-liked alternative to plain white rice is ragi mudde.

(18) Nellore

One of the destinations to visit near Chennai, within 200 kilometers for a perfect vacation, is Nellore, with its different amenities.

Nellore, situated along the Bay of Bengal’s coast, will captivate you with its cultural legacy. Several forts situated in a scenic environment are renowned for their sheer splendor.

The Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary allows visitors to witness rare migrating birds.

The area is surrounded by beaches, lakes, and magnificent waterfalls; it appears picture-perfect and will provide you with the most amazing experiences.

Both pilgrims and nature lovers are drawn to the well-connected city, where one can spend some special time with loved ones.

Highlights include Penchalakona, Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Venkatagiri Fort, and Udayagiri Fort.

175 miles separate Chennai from there.

The cuisine has a lot of “pulusu” and “kodi kura,” and it is hot and spicy.

For its genuine Chepala Pulsu and Nellore Style Dosa, Nellore is well known.

(19) Tirumala

Tirumala is one such picturesque location among the highland tourist destinations within 200 km of Chennai, where one can witness the breathtaking sight of seven towering peaks.

 The temple, revered as Lord Venkateswara’s home, draws throngs of worshippers each year.

You can witness the remarkable element of Dravidian architecture in all its splendor here. The Silathoranam, a natural arch in the Tirumala Hills, and the cascading Papavinasanam waterfall can be seen from the hilltop.

 It’s a great weekend escape from Chennai, where you may unwind and develop your spiritual side.

Venkateswara Temple, Silathoranam, and Papavinasanam waterfall are the attractions.

158 miles away from Chennai.

Halwa, Payasam, Sheermal, Ladoo, Kaja, Badam Milk, Masala Paal, and Mango Lassi are among the favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What are the best places to visit near Chennai, around 100-200 km?

Ans. Tourist Sites Close to Chennai Kanchipuram (75 km), Mahabalipuram (57 km), Pulicat Lake (88 km), Covelong Beach (35 km), Nagalapuram (87 km), Tada Falls (91 km), Pondicherry (172 km), and many other places.

Q.2 What is the best time to visit southern India?

Ans. October to March will be the best time to visit south India. The pleasant weather is perfect for performing adventurous activities also.

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