How to Take Care of Skin while Traveling

The last thing you need to worry about while packing for a trip is which skincare items to bring. Unfortunately, being on a flight and being in a new environment may sometimes wreak havoc on your skin if you aren’t prepared.

I wrote this article to take the uncertainty out of deciding which items to carry on your vacation and to share my best skincare travel recommendations! As someone who flies nearly every year, I’ve grown skilled at preparing for every eventuality.

How to Take Care of Skin While Traveling?

How to take care of skin care while traveling

(1) Carry some facial wipes or towels

Pre-moistened face wipes or makeup removal towelettes are your best alternative if you want to avoid bringing a facial cleanser or utilizing the cleanser provided by the hotel. Please place them in a ziplock bag and transport them. You could use them on a plane, in a bus or vehicle, on beaches, or in your hotel suite. Make sure you have high-quality face wipes on hand.

(2) Keep a facial mist spray on hand

This is an absolute must-have for everyone! Whether you’re going on a weekend trip or a long vacation, always bring a face mist. It is moisturizing and will surely keep your skin hydrated during your trip. By sprinkling it on your face, you provide hydration to your skin. This is highly helpful if you’ve got dry or mixed skin or are traveling to a colder environment.

(3) Take Your Preferred Facial Cleanser with You

Your serums and under-eye creams are less significant than your face cleanser. A daily cleanser guarantees that your skin is clear of dirt, allergens, and impurities at the end of the day. Unclean skin is never acceptable anywhere!

(4) Don’t Forget to Apply Moisturizer

Your skin’s health is aided by using a great face moisturizer. It keeps your skin hydrated, which helps to prevent outbreaks and other skin issues caused by dryness. Before you board your flight, remember to properly moisturize your skin. The air inside planes is dry and can cause skin damage.

(5) Don’t Forget About SPF

If you ask someone what product they can’t live without, they’ll tell you the secret: excellent sunscreen. You can protect your skin and enhance its beauty by using sunscreen.

(6) Pack a few sheet masks

Sheet masks take up less room in your suitcase and are excellent for your skin. These treatment-soaked sheets might be a great substitute for serums and specialty creams you might miss when traveling.

(7) Avoid touching your face frequently

Keeping your hands away from your face helps to reduce breakouts. When traveling, strictly adhere to this regulation. This is due to the possibility of picking up unknown germs that can cause various skin problems. Wash your hands as often as possible with an antibacterial hand wash or sanitizer.

(8) Avoid Makeup

Makeup is forbidden when boarding a plane or exploring tourist spots. While many people prefer to use a tinted moisturizer while traveling, it is best to stick to your regular day cream and SPF to allow your skin to breathe. This is because changing weather and environment might trigger your skin to break out.

(9) Carry Some Eye Cream

If you regularly suffer from puffy eyes, keep a good under-eye lotion handy. If you don’t have an ice pack, you can wrap crushed ice or ice cubes in a cloth and place it over your eyes. This will instantly revitalize your eyes.

(10) Don’t Sacrifice Your Beauty Sleep

Inadequate sleep when traveling might leave your skin more prone to problems. So, even when traveling, strive to obtain a decent night’s sleep.

(11) Toner should be used

Keep a moisturizing face spray on hand to soothe skin redness or irritation. Toner formulas may rapidly mattify and re-energize sweaty and oily skin, so have one in your travel purse. It also regulates the skin’s pH levels, preventing future outbreaks and dullness.

(12) Comfort clothes should be prioritized

While out, you will participate in activities such as trekking, gaming, or simply roaming about and exploring the surroundings. Comfortable clothes can protect you from the horrors of itching, irritation, and rashes from uncomfortable, tight clothing. Tight clothing promotes eczema, infections, and heat rashes, so wear loose, comfortable clothes. Skin allergies and other types of contact dermatitis must be recognized and treated as soon as they are discovered.

Here are some Skincare Blunders to Avoid while Traveling

(1) Neglecting skin prepping before a flight

Remember to adequately prepare your skin before leaving for a trip. Follow your normal skincare routine, and remember to apply SPF. Moisturize your skin thoroughly because it may quickly get parched when you go out. Even if you’re pressed for time, take the time to wash, hydrate, and protect your skin. Not only will you look fantastic, but you will be taking good care of your skin before being subjected to a lot of aggressiveness.

(2) Need to keep travel-sized skin care items on hand.

One of the mistakes you should avoid while traveling, no matter how many goods you have in your bag or suitcase, is not packing travel-sized skin care products. When traveling, remember that you may need to pack extra stuff and purchase mementos by the time you return. Using travel-sized containers for your skin care items will help you save room and potentially additional baggage costs! You may also buy travel-sized skin care items straight from the manufacturer. Most companies now offer travel quantities of their products, making stocking up on skincare basics even easier before your vacation.

(3) Not thinking about your skin when flying.

Air travel may be quite detrimental to your skin, dehydrated skin. Because of the low humidity aboard planes, your skin can easily dry, especially on long journeys. It is essential to hydrate your skin after cleaning it before the trip and then touch it up with a moisturizer midflight. Apply an eye cream as well because our eyes in the eye region are prone to drying out.

(4) Not exfoliating your skin after a flight.

It would help if you always remembered to shower after a flight. Aside from appearances, taking care of your skin after a trip will alleviate the dull complexion caused by dry air. Cleanse and hydrate your skin. When applying makeup, consider a product with moisturizing properties. Choose cosmetics with brightening elements to get a luminous and radiant appearance after a long journey.

(5) Not bringing the appropriate skin care goods to your destination.

Just as we change our skincare products with the seasons, carrying the appropriate skin care items for your trip is critical. Make certain that the things you pack are appropriate for the weather of your destination. If you are going to a destination with a different climate, carry cosmetics that will protect your skin in that area. For example, apply a lightweight moisturizer if you are heading to a hot and humid location. If, on the other hand, you’re going on a cold-weather trip, bring a heavy moisturizer and cream to keep your skin nourished.

(6) Ignoring your lips, hair, and hands.

It’s not only your face that needs attention. Remember your lips, hair, and hands! They are also exposed to various dangerous factors while traveling; therefore, pack skincare with them.

(7) Failure to bring and use sunscreen.

Skipping sunscreen when traveling is one of the most severe skin care blunders. Whether you’re going somewhere sunny or chilly, your skin is still exposed to the sun. At all times, use sunscreen.

(8) Not carrying a bottle of water.

To keep hydrated, drink plenty of water. Bring a water bottle with you at all times so you can readily replenish your water supply wherever you go.

(9) You need to clean your brush.

To avoid acne outbreaks and other skin issues, keep your brush clean. Even while you’re on vacation, make sure your brushes are spotless.

(10) Eating unhealthy meals.

Trying new foods is an important aspect of traveling, but keep in mind that it may have an impact not just on your health but also on your skin. Remember to consume in moderation, especially if you’re consuming meals high in fat. When traveling, be sure to pick nutritious snacks as well. Remember to have fun. But remember your skin. Eating nutritious meals while on vacation is one of the greatest methods to take care of your skin even when on vacation.

(11) Packing all new products

When shopping for travel-size items, you may be enticed to test new things simply because they are available in smaller sizes. However, as previously said, it is important to stick to a steady regimen. If you apply all new products, your skin may become unbalanced, especially if it is already experiencing changes. Furthermore, if your skin reacts, you won’t know what product caused it and might not have access to the items you normally use to return to a normal state.

Another thing to remember before departing for your trip is to double-check the expiration dates on your skincare products. When you come home, you may be tempted to keep your items until your next vacation.

But before you know it, you’ll be holding onto these items for months, if not years! Check the expiry dates of your skincare products frequently to avoid this. The date on the rear or bottom of the packaging should indicate when it expires. If you can’t find one, look for a jar with a number on it. This will inform you how long you may use the product after the first time you use it. If the product’s scent, color, or consistency changes, it also indicates that it has expired. When in doubt, replace it with a new refill!

That being said,

I hope you all see the importance of following a skin care regimen even while you are not at home. I’ve included some vacation skin care advice to help you stay healthy while traveling. To make this method easier, bring all your skincare supplies in a bag you can easily reach from your carry-on or travel luggage. Bring at least your cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen if space is limited. It isn’t true that skin maintenance is essential only when relaxing at home. However, it is also required if you are planning a lengthy journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How should you wash your face when traveling?

Ans: A. Do not wash your face with aircraft restroom water. Use individually wrapped face-cleaning towels while remaining seated.

Q2: Can traveling affect your skin?

Ans: When you fly, your skin might get dry and dehydrated towards the end of the flight. This is due to a lack of humidity in the airplane’s cabin. The skin is at ease when the humidity level is between 40% and 70%. The humidity lowers to 20% when you board an aircraft.

Q3. How do you use a serum for travel?

Ans: Mixing serum with moisturizer is a trick I’ve long used to boost our skin. Still, it also serves as a terrific method to lessen your travel burden. Combine a dropper of your favorite serum and your travel moisturizer. It will be simpler to pack and much simpler to apply.

Q4: Will my makeup break in my suitcase?

Ans: Compacts containing powders, such as eyeshadow or blush, can shatter if crushed or dropped. Avoid putting these in the bottom of your luggage by surrounding them with sponges or tissue.

Q5: Why is my skin worse when I travel?

Ans: Airplane acne is a natural condition, and many passengers suffer from it. No matter what skin type you have, the dry air aboard flights might aggravate it. For individuals who already have dry skin, the air aboard an aircraft might aggravate it. In contrast, those with oily skin may create extra oils to compensate for the dryness.

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