Discover the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

The pulse of India lies in its cities, and Varanasi is no exception. Call it any name Kashi, Varanasi, or Banaras, this ancient pulsating city continues to attract thousands of visitors every year, longing to experience for them the spiritualism that defines this city.

Banaras is one of the oldest cities dating back to over 2800 years and one of the holiest. Devotees flock to this holy city, hoping that they can break free from the eternal cycle of Birth and Death and be one with the divine. This conviction is manifested in the city’s spirit that never seems to sleep.

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The center of attraction of this city lies in its Ghats. A successional stair leads to Ganga, the most sacred river in India. In the early morning, the religious Hindus dip in the holy water to cleanse their sins. They return to the Ghats to partake in the Aarti ceremony during the evenings.

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Banaras is a complex maze of lanes and bylanes. For an outsider, it is no surprise to get lost in the labyrinthine roads alleys that cress crosses the vast extent of this city.

Although Banaras may not match some other popular tourist destinations in terms of the most happening city, certain major tourist hubs in Banaras need your attention and time if you are a first-timer.

How to Reach Varanasi From Delhi?

Whether you live in Delhi city of India, or in any other city, buses and trains are available everywhere. Using this, you can easily reach Varanasi or Kashi.

But, there is another option for the people of Delhi; if your budget is good, you can also come to Banaras by flight.

The total distance between Delhi to Banaras is approximately 867 km. It will take around 13 to 17 hours to cover this distance by train and bus. But, on the other hand, you can complete this distance by flight in 1.5 hr to 2 hr.

If your budget is high, you can go by flight, which may cost you from 2000 to 5000.

What is the Best time to Visit Varanasi or Banaras?

The best time to visit Banaras is between October, November, February, March, and April. Although the temperature dips substantially during this period, you can explore every nook and corner of the city in relative comfort.

Best Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

Banaras is such a big city that 3 days are significantly less to visit every street. There is so much to visit and experience in this ancient city.

Although you will get many tour packages, but the fun of visiting Banaras is by itself. When you walk down a street, those things not only give you a good experience, but you feel those things.

This article is for those who want to visit Banaras in 3 days.

1. Boat Ride Over The Ganges

Varanasi is incomplete without the river Ganga. It is the lifeline of the city. Perhaps the most cherished memory of the city is the early morning boat ride over the river Ganga. As the boat travels to several ghats, you can view the former palaces and majestic Havelis standing on the banks of the river.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

You can even witness the ancient Hindu rituals being performed by the priest accompanied by the chanting of the mantras. The serenity of the ride is bound to overwhelm you. Try taking an early morning boat ride when the city has yet to wake from its heavy slumber.

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2. Ramnagar Fort

Directly opposite the Tulsighat lies the Ramnagar Fort. This huge fort also encompasses a museum with a huge display of vintage American cars, a Royal armory including an ornamental sword, rare photographs, and other Royal paraphernalia.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

However, the main attraction is the big clock that shows the date, time, and month and displays the astronomical alignment of the stars with equal clarity.

This fortress, the abode of the Maharaja of the City, is built of sandstone and still retains its old-world charm. Although much of it is dilapidated, it is still one of the most frequented Banaras tourist spots that attract tourists year after year. Presently it is used mainly as a shooting venue for films due to its location.

3. Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Hindu pilgrims and tourists alike flock to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Situated close to the Dashashwamedh Ghat, this impressive structure still predominates as the most sacred shrine of millions of Hindus worldwide.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

It was initially known as Kashi after the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The temple is even referred to the golden temple on account of the golden spire of the shrine. The temple’s original structure has undergone several modifications over the past couple of centuries.

So popular is this temple that it even finds mentioned in sacred Hindu texts like Skanda Purana. However, be prepared to subject yourself to strict checking before venturing inside.

4. Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

For centuries, Varanasi was considered the pillar of higher education, and scholars and students from different parts of India came to Varanasi to expand their knowledge. Benaras Hindu University has continued to be an integral part of Varanasi’s identity since its foundation in 1914. This University was the vision of Madan Mohan Malviya, a lawyer, and a national hero.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

The University accommodates up to 25000 students and is one of the largest residential campuses in Asia. It covers an area of 1300 acres; the campus offers visitors a chance to escape of hassle and bustle of city life into nature.

If you plan to visit the campus, make it a point to swing by New Vishwanath Temple. The New Vishwanath Temple has completed in 1966 based striking resemblance to the original Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

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5. Durga Mandir

The famous Durga temple lies far from Assi Ghat. It is hard to miss this 300-year-old temple because of its bold red color. The temple holds immense significance in the Hindu community.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

Rani Bhabani of Natore builds it in the late 18th century. The temple is locally referred to as The Monkey Temple due to the many monkeys present in its vicinity. The temple is a venue for local festivals like Navaratri. The entire temple complex comes to life during the nine-day festival. Beside the temple, a pond was initially linked to the river Ganga.

6. Manikarnika Ghat

It comes from the ongoing cremations that take place at this ghat. Hindus consider Manikarnika Ghat one of the most fortunate locations for the departed to achieve moksha (emancipation from the cycle of spiritual rebirth). At this ghat, there are dozens of cremations per day, and the funeral pyre burns nonstop.

The intriguing ghat is regularly offered as a tour by priests or guides. Still, some can be pushy in their expectations for payment.

Try passing over Manikarnika Ghat on a boating excursion down the Ganges River if you’d like to learn more about the traditional cremations but find the thought of viewing them up close repulsive. Tourists can still feel what’s going on in this significant location despite the distance dampening the effect.

7. The Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple

The Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, which sits on the shores of the Assi River, receives thousands of visitors each day who come to offer flowers and sweets to the Hindu god Hanuman. According to legend, this temple was built precisely wherein Hindu saint, and writer Goswami Tulsidas saw the monkey god in a vision. In relation to monkeys, keep an eye out for the cheeky animals frequently jumping around the temple.

April or May is a fantastic season to travel to this Varanasi attraction. The traditional “Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh,” a celebration of classical music and dance recitals held over five to six days, takes place in the temple around that time. From all around the world, there are performers.

8. Tulsi Manas Mandir Temple

One of the most well-known temples in Varanasi, a sacred city, is Tulsi Manas Mandir. Since the ancient Hindu classic Ramcharitmanas was first composed here in the 16th century by Hindu poet-saint, reformer, and philosopher Goswami Tulsidas, this temple has a significant historical and cultural significance in Hinduism.

Beautiful statues of Ram, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman can be found at the temple built by the Banaras family and are devoted to Lord Rama.

The temple is open daily from 5:30 am to 12:00 pm and from 3:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Aarti occurs at 6:00 am and 4:00 pm on specific days.

The Tulsi Manas Mandir Temple is roughly 2 kilometers from BHU Varanasi and 7 km from Varanasi Railway Station.

9. Sarnath

If you have time on hand, other places to visit in Varanasi in 3 days. The foremost among them is Sarnath. Sarnath is a small sleepy town approximately 10 km from Varanasi. Sarnath is an important pilgrimage spot for Buddhists from all over the world.
There was the exact place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon. The Buddhist believes that this was the starting point of the dharma chakra, the eternal cycle of rebirth and reincarnation ending in enlightenment.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

In ancient times, Sarnath was known as Rishipatana or the abode of the rishis. The most famous tourist spot in Sarnath is Dhanek Stupa. Besides Dhanak Stupa, other places are Mulagandha Kuti Bihar, Chaukhandi Stupa, Sarnath Archeological Museum, etc.

10. Saraimohana Village aka Weavers Village

The Saraimohana village, popularly known as Weavers village, is famous worldwide for its silk industry. The Banarasi saris weaved by them have created a worldwide following. These saris are some of the finest silks with gold or silver brocade as a zari work. No marriage ensemble is ever complete without the bride adorning a bananas sari.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

Weaving is mostly a cottage industry with generation after generation engaged in this pursuit. Several villages in Varanasi are solely dependent on weaving to sustain their livelihood. The village of Saraimohana is one of them. A visit to this village will help you realize the effort and labor put in by the villagers to revive a dying industry.

11. Aarti Ceremony at The Ghat

Once the day’s oppressive heat begins to subside, Banaras comes to life. Thus evening brings the magic charm of the place at its best. When we decide the places to visit in Varanasi at night, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Aarti ceremony performed at Dashaswamedh Ghat.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

The blowing of the conch signals the start of the ceremony. Huge brass lamps weighing about 4.5 kg are lit up; the priest dressed in colorful clothes line up on the banks. The entire crowd falls silent as the priest begins the evening prayers accompanied by the lighting of diyas and the recitation of the Vedic mantras.

The aarti ceremony is a sight to behold. It has gained so much popularity those tourists of all religions flock to the ghats to witness it.

12. Shopping at Vishwanath Gali

Shopping in Varanasi involves haggling and is best done in the evenings when the temperature subsides reasonably.

Varanasi is known worldwide for its exquisite Silk Saris and jewelry collection. The old bazaars of Varanasi are the best places to explore when looking for stone sculptures, local handicrafts, and funky jewelry pieces.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

Vishwanath Gali and Godowlia market are two of the most popular markets frequented by tourists. They have everything on offer to entice you, from colorful silk items to textured dupattas, silk shawls, and articles of worship.

13. Savour The Local Cuisine of Banaras

Since street food forms an integral part of a city’s culture, no trip is ever complete without savoring the local delicacies when it comes to trying out the local food, head to ashore Gali for crispy hot kachoris and samosas.

Places to Visit in Varanasi in 3 Days

Varanasi’s cuisine has undergone a massive transformation over the years mainly because of the massive infiltration of Bengalis and Biharis, who have made this place their home. Thus Baati Chokha or litti chokha is as popular as chooda matar Benaras’s version of poha. Even dahi chutney, Gol Gappa shares the same popularity as lassi. Lastly, let us not forget about the Banarasi Paan.

Things to do in Banaras 

Bumpy Ride

In Varanasi, a bumpy ride involves traveling on small, round boats on the river. Both adults and children find great energy in this activity.

Time Magazine claims that tubing was created in Thailand at a certain point in the 20th century and is currently gaining popularity.

A bumpy ride is placed behind a fast watercraft (such as a water ski). As speed increases, it bounces up, giving the user the impression that they are flying.


Enjoy a thrilling trip over the waves with your friend on a speedboat ride in Varanasi. This short-term activity can also be easily combined with other water sports to create a multi-activity day for you to choose from!

 Speed boat trips are among the most attractive water sports. Anyone who likes speed and the water cannot resist boarding a speed boat.

Jet Ski

One of the most exhilarating water sports is a jet ski trip in Varanasi. It may make for an amazing journey.

Observe the regulations to ensure you’re prepared for the most exciting Jet Ski ride possible.

Riding a jet ski can be very challenging for novices. (However, they may ride along with our security specialist)


As you discover Varanasi’s wonders, take in the surrounding natural splendor. It’s a true visual delight to see the lovely landscape from above.

You feel an intense excitement from the breeze blowing and the stunning surroundings.

As you let go of the daily grind, feel the wind’s gush refresh and unwind your mind. As people enjoy the flight, consider how liberating and peaceful it is.


Travelers visiting Varanasi should take advantage of the delightful experience of rowing a boat in the Ganges early in the morning.

Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones by the river’s edge.

As you ride across the river, treat your eyes to the arati ritual at the Dashashwamedh Ghat. The tourists adore this boat journey since it is so enjoyable. It’s also fun to travel from Dashashwamedh Ghat to Harischandra Ghat.

Boat Parasailing 

One can take in the expansive view of the lake and the shocking coastline views while hanging high in the air, satisfying the adventure enthusiast in you.

 Since you don’t need special abilities to enjoy this kind of watersports activity, it is both simple and safe.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to Varanasi feels like going back to history. Every street, road, or ghat in Varanasi has a story. We can safely conclude this article in the words of Mark Twain, who referred to Banaras as the oldest of the old. Quite true, and in this spiritual journey to the most aesthetically pleasing city in India, a nostalgia reinvents his own identity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. What are the top sightseeing places in Varanasi?

Ans: When we talk of the top sightseeing places in Varanasi, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Banaras Ghats on the banks of the river Ganga. Devout travelers take a holy dip in the river to wash off their sins. Apart from the Ganga that flows through Banaras, the other major attractions of this city are Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Ruchika Art Gallery, and Ramnagar Fort, to name a few.

Question 2. What are the famous Banaras?

Ans: The bathing ghats along the river Ganga draw thousands of tourists every year. But even more famous is the Grange Aarti held along the banks of the Dasashwamedha Ghat.

Question 4. Which sweet is famous in Banaras?

Ans: The best sweet in Banaras is made from milk with a liberal amount of ghee base, for instance, Parval Mithai, Kheer Mohan, and Launglata.

Question 5: How many Ghats are in Varanasi?

Ans: Total 80 ghats are in Varanasi/Banaras/Kashi.

Question 6: Is Banaras and Varanasi Same?

Ans: Yes, Banaras and Varanasi, both are the name of the same city.

Question 7: What is the old name of Varanasi?

Ans: Kashi

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