Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

Tucked in the western part of India, for long, Gujarat did not feature in the travel itinerary of tourists for a reasonably long time. However, thanks to the Gujarat Tourism Ministry for installing the statue of Unity, “Shri Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.” Gujarat has been brought to the forefront of the tourism industry.

Visitors’ interest in the once-forgotten state has grown by leaps and bounds. Gujarat has a fascinating history dating back to the Harappa civilization. This state was primarily because of numerous trading ports along its coastline.

The rich legacy of Gujarat is manifested in its picturesque landscapes, magnificent temples, palaces, Havelis (some of which have been renovated into boutique hotels to cater to international tourists), and mesmerizing art and handicrafts industry that commands a massive following among foreigners.

Apart from this, there are wildlife sanctuaries. Ornithologists will be delighted by some of the rare and exotic birds found in this region.

The more you study Gujarat, the more you will be fascinated by its intrinsic history and culture. Come and discover the magic and charm of this beautiful place. To give you a fair idea of what lies in store for you, we have compiled a list of some of the popular tourist destinations.

1. Ahmedabad

Aptly referred to as the “Manchester of India”, it is a popular tourist destination among those hoping to imbibe the spirit of Gujarat. Ahead is the commercial and industrial hub of Gujarat. Cotton textile mills form the backbone of its economy. The shopper’s paradise, a food lover’s delight, and a tapestry of modern and ancient architecture for visitors.

The visited tourist spot in Ahmadabad is the Sabarmati Ashram, constructed on the banks of the river Sabarmati. The Ashram was the brainchild of Mahatma Gandhi and the epicenter of India’s freedom struggle.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

Apart from the Sabarmati Ashram, the city is home to numerous museums. Museums cater to cars, kites, and even utensils. Besides you can take time off to visit Kankaria Lake, Adalaj Stepwell and Jama Masjid.

Ahmadabad has something on its platter for everyone. The old city is dotted with magnificent havelies and curved archways; forts all are reminiscence of the bygone era, and the River Sabarmati’s other side has New Ahmadabad.

It is a stark contrast to the old city and boasts of asphalt roads, commercial offices, and swanky shopping malls.

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2. Kutch

A manifold of traditions interlinked with nature’s bounty best describes Kutch. The central part of this distinct consists of Runn of Kutch. Kutch is a shallow low land entirely covered by water during the rainy season. Once the water ebbs, the run is overrun by marshy salt flats.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

With a rich legacy of arts and crafts, the region is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. The whole area abounds in wildlife such as Flamingo and wild asses. For instance, it houses a few sanctuaries, including the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. The site holds a unique appeal to wildlife photographers and nature lovers.
A unique 3-month long festival is held every year known as Runn Utsav to lure tourists from all around the globe into boosting the local economy.

3. Vadodara

Vadodara or Baroda is one of the largest cities in Gujarat. The city displays exemplary works of architecture in the form of temples, parks, and gardens. All these speak of the endeavor of Sayaji Rao Gaekwad-III, a Maratha leader who had the hindsight to make Baroda the cultural and educational center of Gujarat.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

The major attraction of the city is undoubtedly Lakshmi Vilas Palace. This magnificent is even more significant than Buckingham Palace. Covering an area of approx 700 acres, it houses the royal family of Baroda, the Gaekwads.

Famed for its architectural slender, the Palace attracts thousands of visitors every year. The other points of interest are Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, Sardar Patel Planetarium, and Zarwani waterfall, located on the outskirts of this city.

The city comes alive during the Navaratri festival. In fact, in no other city is it celebrated with so much zeal and pomp.

4. Statue of Unity, Kevadia

Approximately 2 hrs drive lies Kevadia, the home to the tallest statue in the world. This statue is dedicated to Sardar Ballabhbhai Patel. Standing tall at 182 meters, it is even taller than the statue of liberty.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

The statue’s entire area has been developed as a central tourist hub for visitors with lots of activities and entertainment zones for kids. It includes a butterfly garden, handicraft stores, a children’s park complete with the toy train, a mini zoo, and even a water rafting facility. There are several hotels and homestay facilities nearby for the convenience of tourists.

5. Sun Temple, Modhera

The rich cultural heritage of Gujarat is best reflected in its temples and monuments. The best illustration of this is the exquisite sun temple at Modhera. It is architectural grander is enough to attract tourists from every nook and corner of the globe.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

The temple has been an integral part of Modhera culture for centuries. Built in 1026 AD, The Sun Temple owes its origin to King Bhimdev. Legend says that this was the exact meeting point of Lord Ram with Basistha after defeating Ravana.

Modhera is an ideal weekend gateway for those wishing to escape the hassle and bustle of city life. The peaceful surroundings and the majestic temple complex are bound to cast their magic charm on you.

Try visiting the temple grounds during the annual classical dance festival if you wish to spice up your adventure even further.

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6. Sidhpur

Sidhpur was the erstwhile capital of Gujarat way back in the 15th century. The town is dotted with temples, ashrams, and kinds depicting the might of the Solanki rulers.
The most famous temple in this town is Rudra Mahalaya temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

The quaint little village incorporates the best of history and mythology. The city is revered by Hindus hoping to fulfill the last rites of their parents. Centuries of colonial rule have left its impact in the form of Europeans style mansions in Najampura, the home of Dawood Bohras, a Muslim community. The horas have tried to immolate the English way of life. Their Havelis reflect the strong Victorian influence, complete with integrated carvings and grand facades.

A casual stroll through the Bhora Vad offers visitors glimpses of England in the late 19th century, complete with lamplighters.

Shidpur rose to great heights under the Solanki rulers. After that, in the 15th century, the Mughals established their control over the town. Shifting hands brought about a radical change in this once slippy town. A strong Muslim and European presence began to cast its influence.

Shidhpur camel festival is the most famous festival in this town. People from neighboring villages come here to tread on camels and horses.

7. Gir National Park

The Gir National Park is the last refuge of the Asiatic Lions, an endangered species. This park is located in the Junagarh district, covering an area of approximately 1412 sq km. Indiscriminate hunting laid to a dwindling in the number of lions previously. Their population increased thanks to the Junagarh Nawab and the forest officials substantially.
According to a recent survey, the forest is home to about 523 lions and 300 leopards, primarily two types of dear and other animals.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

The forest is close to the public from mid-June to mid-October. Thus the best time to visit it is from December to January.

Apart from Animals, Gir National Park is a treasure trove to bird watchers due to the sheer number of migratory birds it attracts every year. Lt. Dr. Salim Ali, a renowned Ornithologist, once remarked that Gir would have certainly been well known as a bird sanctuary had it been for lions.

8. Dwarka

Derived from the word Dwaravati, meaning gateway Dwarka is a sacred city revered by Hindus as it houses the shrine of Sri Krishna. According to ancient scriptures, this city was destroyed and rebuilt seven times during the past couple of centuries.

The Archaeological Survey of India even agreed to the existence of an ancient city. Modern-day Dwarka is not only a popular pilgrimage site but also a holy city with an abundance of several shrines. Some of them are even more than a thousand years old. The most notable amongst these is Dwarkadheesh Temple.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

Apart from temples, beach life is also fascinating. You can even take scuba diving lessons to see the underwater semblance of the ancient Dwarka.

For the shopaholics, Dwarka is the place to be, and The area is famous for Patola silk sarees, bandhani fabrics, designer footwear, and local nicknacks to carry back home.

9. Champaner: Pavagadh Archeological Park

This little-known Archaeological site has made it to the UNESCO Heritage list. Located at a short distance from Vadodara, this park warrants a visit.
Champaner- Pavagadh Archeological Park stands firm over the ancient city of Champaner, once ruled by the dynamic Rajput ruler Vanraj Chavda. Due to its strategic location, it attracted many invaders, including the Khalji and Chauhan dynasties. In the hands of the Mughal rulers, the area lost its former glory and importance as a major trade center.

Ultimately it was rediscovered by ASI along with beautiful relics and monuments definitive of the Hindu and Muslim architectural style, approximately dating back to the 8th century.
For a student of history, this archaeological park is of immense significance. It is a tribute to the architected and scientific development of the mighty dynasties that once ruled this area.

The Kalika Mata temple perched atop the Pavagadh hills has a sizeable following among the Hindu devotees who flock to this temple in large numbers.

10. Somnath

A trip to Gujarat is never complete without a visit to Somnath, a spectacular and highly revered tourist spot on the confluence of the three rivers – Kapita Hiran (Deer) Sarasvati.
The area is a balm for lost souls. A spiritual escapade into this enthralling city will surely rein figurate you. Somnath is a holy city with many temples in every nook and corner. The major ones are Laxminatrayan Temple, Shree Parshuram Temple, Shree Somnath, Jyotirlinga Temple, etc.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat for One Day

Apart from temples, the second major attraction is the beach. You can also visit the nearby Junagadh Gate and Sana caves if time permits.

Final Thoughts

Gujarat has made it to the bucket list of many travelers from India and beyond with a rich culture and multitude of tourist hubs, both natural and artificial. Excellent road connectivity and accommodation of every kind catering to a wide array of tourists, Gujarat unquestionably demands your time and attention. So come and discover Gujarat in all its splendor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1. Which is the most beautiful city in Gujarat?

Without a Shred doubt, I can say that Ahmedabad is the most beautiful city in Gujarat. It has been ruled to be a world heritage site by UNESCO. With a rich history dating back to the 15th century, Ahmadabad is a juxtaposition of old and new.

Question 2. What is Gujarat famous for?

Gujarat has the longest coastline measuring about 1600 km. Besides, it happens to be the home of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Gujarat has lured tourists with promises of pristine beaches, majestic temples, and rich history for centuries. In recent times it has shot to fame after the unveiling of the statue of Sardar Patel, the tallest in the world.

Question 3. What is the famous food of Gujarat?

The local cuisine of Gujarat is worth a try. No dish is ever complete without the most famous snacks, namely Khaman made of chickpea flour, thepla made of gram flour, and khandvi, i.e., a rich concoction of gram flour and buttermilk with a liberal seasoning of sesame seeds.

Question 4. What is the most visited place in Gujarat?

The most visited place in Gujarat is the Statue of Unity, Kevadia, dedicated to Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel. The statue is located in Kevadia, about 2 hrs drive from Vadodara. Standing tall at 182 meters, the figure has double the height of the statue of liberty. Besides, the area surrounding this statue has been turned into a major tourist hub with loads of activities to lure the young and the old alike.

Question 5. What are the best places to visit in Gujarat with friends?

For the history buffs, there is Junagadh, and a place stepped in the regal grandeur of the Nawabs who ruled the city for centuries. It also serves as an overnight halt for tourists en route to Gir National Park. Another city worth visiting is Vadodara, rightfully described as the cultural capital. The city is a melting pot for the old and the new. Once ruled by the Gaekwads, the city bears witness to several palaces, forts, and manicure gardens built under their aegis.

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